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This article is about the Invention perk. For other uses, see Rapid (disambiguation).

Rapid is a Smithing and Firemaking perk which acts differently for each skill. It can be created in tool gizmos.

While firemaking, it grants a 5% chance per rank to speed up an action by a game tick (0.6 seconds).

While smithing, it causes your heat to be consumed twice as fast but has a 5% chance per rank each hammer swing to grant double progress for the swing. This makes it a good perk for active smiths who re-heat the in-progress items often.

When the perk triggers, it prompts the message: Your rapid perk speeds up the action process.

Effective time saved and action increase (Level 20 in parenthesis)
Rank Chance Ticks Saved Time Saved (s) Firemaking
Time Reduction Action Increase
1 5% (5.5%) 0.05 (0.055) 0.03 (0.033) 1.67% (1.837%) 1.695% (1.865%)
2 10% (11.0%) 0.10 (0.110) 0.06 (0.066) 3.33% (3.663%) 3.448% (3.793%)
3 15% (16.5%) 0.15 (0.165) 0.09 (0.099) 5.00% (5.500%) 5.263% (5.789%)

Sources[edit | edit source]

MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Enhancing components.png
Enhancing componentsUncommon011–21–21–3
Shifting components.png
Shifting componentsRare011–21–22–3
Light components.png
Light componentsUncommon011–21–21–2
Stave parts.png
Stave partsCommon0111–21–2

Suggested gizmos[edit | edit source]

Gizmo layout Possible perks
Shifting components.png
Shifting components.pngShifting components.pngShifting components.png
Shifting components.png
Light components.png
Light components.pngLight components.pngLight components.png
Light components.png
  • Other possible perks:
Enhancing components.png
Enhancing components.pngEnhancing components.pngEnhancing components.png
Enhancing components.png
  • Other possible perks:

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 7 January 2019 (Update):
    • Rapid perk now smiths faster, but causes heat to be lost faster.

Trivia[edit | edit source]