Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange

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The Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange is an archery shop that sells Ranged equipment in exchange for archery tickets. It is run by Ticket Merchants who are located in the western corner of Ranging Guild, which requires a Ranged level of 40 to enter.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Barb bolttips.png: Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange sells inf of Barb bolttips for 114 and buys them for N/A30 Barb bolt tips114Archery ticket.pngNot bought2,130Coins 1000.png18.68Coins 5.png/Archery ticket.png
Studded body.png: Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange sells inf of Studded body for 51 and buys them for N/AStudded body51Archery ticket.pngNot bought1,568Coins 1000.png30.75Coins 25.png/Archery ticket.png
Rune arrow.png: Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange sells inf of Rune arrow for 1020 and buys them for N/A50 Rune arrows1,020Archery ticket.pngNot bought7,400Coins 1000.png7.25Coins 5.png/Archery ticket.png
Studded leather coif.png: Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange sells inf of Studded leather coif for 12 and buys them for N/AStudded leather coif12Archery ticket.pngNot bought1,090Coins 1000.png90.83Coins 25.png/Archery ticket.png
Green dragonhide body.png: Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange sells inf of Green dragonhide body for 856 and buys them for N/AGreen dragonhide body856Archery ticket.pngNot bought4,448Coins 1000.png5.2Coins 5.png/Archery ticket.png
Adamant javelin.png: Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange sells inf of Adamant javelin for 292 and buys them for N/A20 Adamant javelins292Archery ticket.pngNot bought1,340Coins 1000.png4.59Coins 4.png/Archery ticket.png

Profit from Grand Exchange[edit | edit source]

The bellow table shows the profit to be made buying tickets and selling items on the Grand Exchange.

Item Price in tickets Cost of tickets (gp) GE price Profit
Barb bolttips.png 30 Barb bolt tips Archery ticket.png114 2736 2130 -606
Studded body.png Studded body Archery ticket.png51 1224 1568 344
Rune arrow 5.png 50 Rune arrows Archery ticket.png1,020 24480 7400 -17,080
Studded leather coif.png Studded leather coif Archery ticket.png12 288 1090 802
Green dragonhide body.png Green dragonhide body Archery ticket.png856 20544 4448 -16,096
Adamant javelin.png 20 Adamant javelins Archery ticket.png292 7008 1340 -5,668

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 25 September 2013 (Update):
    • Players can now purchase rewards from the Ranging Guild ticket exchange with an existing stack of the item but with an otherwise full inventory.