Ramokee stormbringer

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For the monster from the Fremennik Saga, see Ramokee stormbringer (Thok It To 'Em).
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The ramokee stormbringer is a monster found in Daemonheim, encountered in the Dungeoneering skill. The Ramokee stormbringer, similar to the Mercenary leader, is always found in a room with at least one Guardian door. It is found in a room with a Ramokee skinweaver, a Ramokee deathslinger, and a Ramokee bloodrager; these monsters attack with magic, ranged, and melee, respectively. It should be killed after the Ramokee skinweaver.

One is encountered during both Thok It To 'Em and Nadir (known as "Hooved mage"), the Fremennik Sagas. In the former, it is killed by Thok to access the next room along with the other ramokees. In the latter, it is killed by Moia when it sounds the alarms as it sees through the disguise of the part Mahjarrat.

A player fighting several Ramokees