Ramokee bloodrager (player-owned port)

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A Ramokee bloodrager plays a role in The Exile's story voyages in the Player-owned port minigame, which is continued in the Guardians of the World trio voyages.

History[edit | edit source]

In Daemonheim[edit | edit source]

The Exile, the Bloodrager's adopted sister.

The Ramokee bloodrager was The Exile's adopted brother, and the only bloodrager in his tribe, which resided in deep in Daemonheim - deeper than any other tribe. His tribe had struck a deal with a merchant known as Hearthen, and the worldbearers of it were tasked with carrying goods down into Daemonheim. He was the one in charge of dealing with Hearthen, and protected the worldbearers carrying goods alongside the rest of his tribe.

At some point in the very late Fifth Age, Hearthen tasked him with having his tribe deliver some strange black stones into the deepest depths of Daemonheim. Not wanting information about the stones to get out, Hearthen also tasked the bloodrager with massacreing the rest of his tribe once the delivery was complete, in exchange for his own life. He complied, and proceeded to slaughter his family, leaving only his adopted sister alive, as she was absent at the time. He then fled to the Wushanko Isles and became a mercenary, eventually coming into the employ of a man calling himself Kakashi, where he was tasked with slaughtering sea creatures of Wushanko in order to collect enough anima to power Kakashi's divine energy weapon.

Serving Kakashi[edit | edit source]

Kakashi, also known as Davosi.

In year 1 of the Sixth Age, his sister, who had fled to Wushanko in search of him, not knowing what he had done, met up with him in The Scythe. They initially embraced, but she was disappointed to discover that her brother had been bullying the rest of his 'tribe'. The Ramokee bloodrager requested that his sister join him in Kakashi's service, but requested that she kill someone to prove her loyalty to him and become an Endbringer, but she refused, horrified at what her brother had seemingly become.

She later met up with him again on the Isle of Juniper, but was horrified to discover her brother and his men slaughtering sea creatures for Kakashi, seemingly enjoying it. She finally confronted him about the massacre in Daemonheim, and he finally revealed that he was the one responsible for it, causing his sister to flee.

Assault on Kami-Shima[edit | edit source]

Some time later, he gathered an army of mercenaries to protect his employer, who was planning on attacking Kami-Shima to harvest the anima from it. The bloodrager's sister, now calling herself Honovi, had begun working with a group of other people - namely Sojobo, Shanao, Kami and The World Guardian - in an attempt to stop Kakashi, and had allied with another servant of Kakashi known as Benkei in order to do so. The bloodrager discovered Benkei's treachery, and murdered him before he was able to impart any more information - namely, that the weapon was to be fired on the World Guardian.

Honovi, Sojobo, Shanao, and Kami - aided by some seasingers and Gu warriors - then proceeded to confront Kakashi and the Bloodrager on Kami-shima, and a battle between the two sides ensued, which resulted in the island itself projecting creatures to protect Honovi and the others. This assault resulted in the destruction of the weapon, the death of Kakashi, and finally, the bloodrager was captured by his sister, who hopes to make him pay for his crimes.