Ramblings of a gargoyle, sequence 2

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This article is about the second sequence. For other sequences, see ramblings of a gargoyle.
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Ramblings of a gargoyle, sequence 2 is received after speaking to the gargoyle Libicocco, second of the Malebranche at the Infernal Source dig site. Libicocco can be reached by going through the Taurus portal by performing the angry emote. In turn Libicocco gives the player the hint to take a harlequin cow or one each of a checked vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry cow with them to enter the Gemini portal.

Obtaining all twelve ramblings of a gargoyle pages is required to complete the Contract Claws mystery.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Mess with the hothead, get the hot horns - ha! The bull sent you, I'd wager. Why to Libicocco? Why here? Oh, I see - your head burns with questions. Ask it! No, it knows already. My zodiac number is 4. Now go! It grows angry with you! When I get angry, the only thing to calm me is the HARLEQUIN. All I know of them is that they like their food cold, with chocolatey goodness, strawberry scented and just a touch of vanilla. All three flavours - be they in one or separately - settle my BEEF with you by helping my joker friend.

-Libicocco, 2nd of the Malebranche

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  • patch 6 April 2020 (Update):
    • Players may now use either a Harlequin cow, or one each of a Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate cow during the relevant Archaeology mystery.