Ramblings of a gargoyle, sequence 11

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This article is about the eleventh sequence. For other sequences, see ramblings of a gargoyle.
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Ramblings of a gargoyle, sequence 11 is received after speaking to the gargoyle Farfarello, eleventh of the Malebranche at the Infernal Source Dig Site, in human form. Farfarello can be reached by going through the Aquarius portal after transmorphing into a goblin by using a goblin potion. In turn Farfarello gives the player the hint to bring dragon bones in the inventory to be able to enter the Pisces portal.

Obtaining all twelve ramblings of a gargoyle pages is required to complete the Contract Claws mystery.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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You are not a goblin. Show your true self or I will think you are my food... Ah, that is better. I am the only goblin here - Farfarello - though I could do with a bite to eat. Red or green, red or green? My favourite colour is blood red! Bah! Take my zodiac number - 2 - and go. You make me hungry. Go feed yourself to the dragon, yes? The dragon holds the twelfth number of the sequence. Could not be easier to find - take the DRAGON his BONES.

-Farfarello, 11th of the Malebranche

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