Raksha (Archaeology)

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This article is about the item. For the great dinosaur, see Raksha.
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Raksha can be obtained from excavating Aughra remains and Moksha device excavation hotspots at the Orthen Dig Site. This page is required to complete the Free Your Mind mystery.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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I have been studying 'The One That Speaks' - the Raksha - for some time now. I had wished this thing destroyed not too long ago, but my interest in it is renewed. The way it still tries to project its will onto others is remarkably akin to these new abilities of my Aughra creed-mates. I allow my mind to project inside its prison at night, in part to gloat at the fate of the beast that killed my friend, but also to study the devices that keep it subdued and dampen its own abilities. I have been reverse engineering these Dactyl technologies and building its opposite - a device that will allow me to fully transplant my consciousness into a new host body, without limit.

I have passed on almost all of my findings to my Aughra kin now, even beyond my own small study group. I did, however, leave out that my group has been jumping into dinosaurs as we become more emboldened with our tests. I am not sure even Elder Maragan would understand inhabiting such base creatures. It turns out some of the other Kindra learned of our new abilities but, thankfully, Maragan and Daraval have been able to defend us. I am not convinced they would have if they knew everything about our tests. Apparently, the Dactyl leaders think of my group as acolytes and me as a cult leader, and that what we are doing is unseemly. No matter. They were wary of me for dissecting the dangerous beasts of this world; imagine how afraid of me they would be now, if they knew I could become one.

(This last part appears to be an addendum written post-curse.)

This pain! Why is this happening? Most of my Aughra kin have fled back into the Abyss, finding a place to free their minds from this torment! My own acolytes have flung themselves to the Raksha in a bid to escape, though not before freeing all our test salamanders! Even in such agony, they show their consideration for others. I have another plan to escape this pain-wracked body! My device! I shall throw myself, my mind, INTO the Raksha! I will become!

My device is charging! I hope this works. This has to work...

-'Skeka', Aughra mystic

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