Raid on Myreque Mort Myre Hideout

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For years, the Vampyres attempted to locate the hidden outposts of The Myreque. Vanstrom Klause took on a disguise in the Hair of the Dog tavern in Canifis and managed to convince an adventurer to locate The Myreque and bring them supplies of steel weapons and armour.

The adventurer travelled through the Mort Myre swamp, gaining the trust of several Mort Myre allies, and eventually making it to the Mort Myre Order's hideout. Meanwhile, Vanstrom tracked the adventurer.

After The Myreque and the adventurer finished introducing themselves, Vanstrom arrived. He uses a magic attack, killing Sani Piliu and Harold Evans, then summons a Skeleton Hellhound to finish the remaining members.

The adventurer is able to kill the Skeletal Hellhound. In gratitude, Veliaf Hurtz welcomes the adventurer into The Myreque. However, with their current hideout compromised, they are forced to abandon it and search for a new location.