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Racetrack was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

The racetrack is part of the NovtumberFest located in the Racetrack portal which can be found on the eastern part of the crater. It is led by Klara and the Racing Supervisor. The player must race on the ice, and choose which lane to race on to make sure they don't trip. This gives the player Constitution experience.

To start racing, talk to the Racing Supervisor, or right-click him. Followers must be dismissed before starting the racing. Players circuit the track clockwise, choosing between three lanes and dodging various obstacles that change positions randomly. Experience is given every 3.6 seconds. At level 99 Constitution, 29.7 experience is given at a time in the middle lane. The inside lane boosts this by 25% to 37.1 experience, while the outside line reduces the gains by 25% to 22.2 experience. Lanes may be changed by clicking the buttons with either mouse or hotkeys. The track may also be exited at any point by clicking one of the buttons.

Hitting obstacles causes some time to be lost. In addition, a pretzel boosts all experience gains by one third, and a Bar Stool works similarly, but only negates the boost from a pretzel. A keg causes the player to be too drunk to continue and forces the player to restart from the Racing Supervisor. The boost from a pretzel lasts until hitting another obstacle or exiting the track. The boosts don't stack.

There is a confirmation prompt about gaining experience before starting the activity that can be toggled off permanently.

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