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This article is about races in RuneScape. For racing against other players, see racing boots, starting horn and Master of Races.
For the event, see Gielinor Games.

Below is a list of the Races of RuneScape. Subspecies or other subcategories are listed under the original species or group. Distinctions are not necessarily biological.

Intelligent humanoids[edit | edit source]

Intelligent humanoids are creatures with close-to-human shape that are sapient.

Unintelligent humanoids[edit | edit source]

Unintelligent humanoids are creatures with human-like shape that are not sapient.

Intelligent non-humanoids[edit | edit source]

Intelligent non-humanoids are creatures which do not have human shape but are nevertheless sapient.

Beasts[edit | edit source]

Beasts are creatures which are not sapient.