Rabbit snaring

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Piscatoris rabbit holes

Rabbit snaring is a Hunter technique requiring 27 Hunter and completion of Eagles' Peak. Rabbits can be found in the far south part of the Piscatoris Hunter area. Six rabbit holes are arranged in a circle pattern. Ferrets are just south of the rabbit holes.

When catching rabbits, a hunter should bring as many rabbit snares as their Hunter level permits. A few extras are handy to bring as rabbit snares disappear quite rapidly. On top of the rabbit snares, a hunter should also bring a few box traps to catch ferrets with.

Place a rabbit snare in front of the rabbit holes. Then left click a rabbit hole (Flush Rabbit hole) and a ferret will chase the rabbits out another rabbit hole to be caught in a rabbit snare.

From the snare a hunter obtains bones, raw rabbit meat and a rabbit foot. A campfire is available to cook the raw rabbit.

Level Image Creature Location Exp
27 White rabbit icon.png White Rabbit Woodland 144