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Quin, also known as Khan of the Sea, is an incredibly powerful seasinger of the Wushanko Isles. Her right-hand man is her personal bodyguard named Discord, who rides an albino narwhal. She also once had another bodyguard known as Zu Zu, who she made research immortality, and they became very close[1], although Zu Zu later betrayed her.

She resides on an island known as Paradise in the The Pincers, living in a jade palace on four golden pillars.

History[edit | edit source]

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In approximately year 149 of the 5th Age, Quin gained possession of the The Horn, one of the Elder Artefacts[2] and used it to take control of all of the sea monsters surrounding the Wushanko Isles at once. This granted her power thousands of times greater than normal seasingers, who can only bond with and control one sea monster at once. She used this horn to make the seas around Wushanko extremely dangerous and made an attempt to get the natives to worship her as a Goddess, proclaiming herself to be Khan of the Sea.

As a result of this, she started a war with the Khans of Wushanko. Although she won the war, killing tens of thousands, the number of her sea monsters was drastically reduced, once again allowing safe travel throughout Wushanko. Eventually, Hubbub, seeking revenge for the death of his people, recruited the Death Lotus Assassins to kill Quin, who sent their best assassin, Ling to kill her. However, she was stopped by Quin's occultist, Zu Zu. As a result of the attempted assassination, Quin became paranoid and secluded in her island home, Paradise.

John Strum, The Partner, later brought together Hubbub, Ling, and Zu Zu after hearing their stories. He realised their pasts were all connected due to the previous attempt on Quin's life and recruited them to kill her. Zu Zu, with the assistance of Hubbub and Ling, successfully attacked and killed her in her home on Paradise. The fate of the Horn is unknown.

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References[edit | edit source]

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