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Quest armour refers to the many types of armours that are quest-related. These armours may vary from being quite weak to quite powerful (e.g. Khazard armour is quite weak, whereas Lunar armour is a quite formidable armour.) These armours may be a reward after the completion of a particular quest, or made and used during a quest. Some of these armours are not useful after the quest in which they are obtained.

List of quest armours[edit | edit source]

The table below displays the different types of quest armour, the level required, and the quest(s) related to that particular armour.

Level Armour Quest
1 Carnillean armour Hazeel Cult
1 Khazard armour Fight Arena
1 Anti-dragon shield Dragon Slayer
20 Initiate armour Recruitment Drive
30 Proselyte armour Slug Menace
30 Gold helmet Between a Rock...
N/A Elemental armour Elemental Workshop
N/A Bone Equipment The Lost Tribe
N/A Family gauntlets Family Crest
N/A Coloured Goblin mail Land of the Goblins
45 Spirit shield Summer's End
45 Fremennik armour The Fremennik Isles
60 Lunar armour Lunar Diplomacy

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