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There are a few pyramids found in Gielinor. These pyramids are found in the Kharidian Desert. The list of pyramids includes:

Jaldraocht Pyramid (Desert Treasure)[edit | edit source]

Jaleustrophos Pyramid (Agility Pyramid)[edit | edit source]

This pyramid is used for training Agility. At the top, there is a pyramid top which can be sold for 1000 coins to Simon Templeton.

Jalsavrah Pyramid (Pyramid Plunder)[edit | edit source]

This pyramid is used to play the Pyramid Plunder game.

Uzer Mastaba (Missing My Mummy)[edit | edit source]

This tomb is visited during the Missing My Mummy quest.

Despite being typically referred to as a Pyramid, Uzer Mastaba is rather simply a Mastaba which is an alternative type of entombment used in Ancient Egypt (and like all Desert elements, transferred into RuneScape).

The appearance of a Mastaba is that of a flat-roofed rectangular-base structure, considerably shorter than a Pyramid.

Unknown Pyramid[edit | edit source]

This pyramid has been released south of Sophanem. Currently, it has no use and cannot be accessed by the player.

Sunken Pyramid[edit | edit source]

This pyramid contains the player-owned slayer dungeon and also Faiza.

Crondis's pyramid[edit | edit source]

This pyramid belongs to Crondis.

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  • update 19 June 2017 (Update):
    • The animation played when descending certain ladders inside pyramids has been fixed.