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The pyramid top is an artefact obtained as a reward from the Agility Pyramid activity. In order to obtain the reward, players have to overcome a series of obstacles using their Agility skill in order to reach the top of the Agility Pyramid.

A player grabbing the top

Once at the highest point on the pyramid, before continuing on your final lap, look at the west side of the doorway. There will be an option "Climb - Climbing rocks." Your character will reach up, grab the "Pyramid top" and come back down. Then proceed around the top level and you will arrive at the centre of the south face of the pyramid.

Since the pyramid is situated in the Kharidian Desert, players will be affected by the desert heat, thus bringing waterskins or an enchanted water tiara is recommended. Alternatively, completion of the Crocodile Tears quest will provide a permanent immunity from the desert heat.

Simon Templeton will exchange 1,000 coins and 200 Menaphos reputation for each golden pyramid top obtained during the activity. This is improved to 10,000 coins and 400 reputation for players that have completed the elite desert achievements.

The golden pyramid top is a required item for the Dealing with Scabaras quest, the Crocodile Tears quest (for which four must be obtained), and the "All Square" achievement in the medium desert achievements. Important: The pyramid tops given to Crondis during the Crocodile Tears must be collected after receiving the request for them; any tops collected beforehand will be refused, as Crondis claims the player is trying to "trick" her.

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  • ninja 23 April 2018 (Update):
    • Agility tops from Agility Pyramid now sell for twice the value upon completion of elite Desert tasks.

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