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PvP worlds/Pay-to-play drops was significantly altered after an update.
This article is retained to provide information on past elements of RuneScape.

This article lists the potential loot a player can receive from defeating another player on a pay-to-play PvP world.

All of the following factors increase the player's drop potential.

  • Risk at least 75,000 coins.
  • Killed more than 25 other players.
  • Stay in a hot zone for some time.
    • Not frequently switching between hot and "cold" or safe zones.
  • Stay on the PvP world for long amounts of time, as the likeliness of drops increases every 30 minute interval.
  • Participate in an impressive fight, not just a quick "knock-out".
  • Have a high combat level.
  • Defeat another player with a high combat level.

Drop list[edit | edit source]

This will be going up to date with the current drop rates from the Ancient Warriors' update.

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