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The PvM unlock guide is a guide that provides compiled lists for general unlocks and various abilities, spells, and quests to help players defeat bosses.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quests Unlocks Notes
Broken Home icon.png Broken Home (Quick Guide) Asylum surgeon's ring Must be completed under 37 minutes after the initial completion of the quest, as well as completing all the other designated challenges beforehand.
Quest Icon Crest.png The Elder Kiln (Quick Guide) TokHaar-Kal cape To start Fight Kiln you must have completed TzHaar Fight Cave as a Fire cape must be sacrificed to be able to play the minigame.
One of a Kind icon.png One of a Kind (Quick Guide) Dragon Rider amulet
Haunted Mine icon.png Haunted Mine (Quick Guide) Salve amulet You can further enchant it to Salve amulet (e) by doing the Lair of Tarn Razorlor miniquest.
Horror from the Deep icon.png Horror from the Deep (Quick Guide) God book Most commonly used books are Book of wisdom or Book of Law, if your target is stationary use Wisdom otherwise use Law, Book of Chaos is a cheap alternative.
One Piercing Note icon.png One Piercing Note (Quick Guide) Illuminated god book You can upgrade your God books to give 2 extra style bonus and prayer bonus.
Quest Icon Crest.png Contact! (Quick Guide) Keris Completing Hard Desert achievements makes this an excellent weapon against Kalphite King.
Quest Icon Crest.png Merlin's Crystal (Quick Guide) Excalibur Completion of hard Seers' Village achievements turns it into Enhanced Excalibur the special effect is further enhanced by completing elite Seers' Village achievements.
River of Blood icon.png River of Blood (Quick Guide) blood essences Prior to Supreme overload potion you can use Berserk blood essence alongside with Supreme potions with Guthix Rest as an alternative to Saradomin brews due to lack of stat restoration.
The Brink of Extinction icon.png The Brink of Extinction (Quick Guide) Obsidian equipment Reduction of 45% damage when wearing the entire set excluding the Obsidian kiteshield in both TzHaar Fight Cave and Fight Kiln.
Smoking Kills icon.png Smoking Kills (Quick Guide) Slayer helmet killing bosses on their respective assignment grants the player the benefit of the effects of the Full slayer helmet.

See Boss slayer for a full list of affected bosses.

Abilities & spells
The World Wakes icon.png The World Wakes (Quick Guide) Death's Swiftness, Sunshine If player is stationary otherwise use Metamorphosis or Deadshot
The Dig Site icon.png The Dig Site (Quick Guide) Smoke Tendrils, Shadow Tendrils, Blood Tendrils
Lunar Diplomacy icon.png Lunar Diplomacy (Quick Guide) Lunar spells Access to Livid Farm for Disruption Shield and Borrowed Power.
Desert Treasure icon.png Desert Treasure (Quick Guide) Ancient Magicks
The Mighty Fall icon.png The Mighty Fall (Quick Guide) God Wars Dungeon Teleport
The Temple at Senntisten icon.png The Temple at Senntisten (Quick Guide) Ancient Curses
Quest Icon Crest.png King's Ransom (Quick Guide) Piety, Rigour, Augury To gain access to this prayer, players must complete Knight Waves training ground along with having level 70 Defence and 70 Prayer. Piety is also needed to complete one of the hard Seers' Village Tasks.
Boss unlocks & effects
Ritual of the Mahjarrat icon.png Ritual of the Mahjarrat (Quick Guide) Akrisae the Doomed Damage increase in various places, see this for a comprehensive list.
Kindred Spirits icon.png Kindred Spirits (Quick Guide) Linza the Disgraced
Summer's End icon.png Summer's End (Quick Guide) Corporal Beast
Quest Icon Crest.png Icthlarin's Little Helper (Quick Guide) Sophanem slayer dungeon, Magister The slayer helmet has no effect on the Magister despite Tuska's Wrath working as if you were on a task with Soul devourers
Quest Icon Crest.png Impressing the Locals (Quick Guide) Temple of Aminishi
Curse of the Black Stone icon.png Curse of the Black Stone (Quick Guide) 10% damage reduction in Elite dungeons.
Song from the Depths icon.png Song from the Depths (Quick Guide) Reduced incoming damage when fighting the Queen Black Dragon.
Plague's End icon.png Plague's End (Quick Guide) Recipe Shop Unlocks combination potions, such as Elder overload potion
Animal Magnetism icon.png Animal Magnetism (Quick Guide) Unlocks the ammunition retrieval effect as a passive effect.
Quest Icon Crest.png As a First Resort (Quick Guide) Spa, Ogre flask Ability to create Crystal flasks, Ogre flask, Potion flasks as well as decanting them.
The Golem icon.png The Golem (Quick Guide) Able to collect more than one Phoenix feather at the time for Super antifire.
King of the Dwarves icon.png King of the Dwarves (Quick Guide) Royal dwarven gravestone 5% claim reduction.

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Dreadnip.png: RS3 Inventory image of DreadnipDreadnip Earned as a reward by achieving 450 kills and spectating another player's match.
Dominion mine.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dominion mineDominion mine See for the list of quest requirements Dominion Tower#Requirements.
Praesul codex.png: RS3 Inventory image of Praesul codexPraesul codex Dropped by Nex: Angel of Death.
'Ancient gizmos' blueprint.png: RS3 Inventory image of 'Ancient gizmos' blueprint'Ancient gizmos' blueprint Gives a player access to Ancient Invention
Ring of vigour.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ring of vigourRing of vigour 50,000 Dungeoneering tokens.
Guthix staff.png: RS3 Inventory image of Guthix staffGuthix staff Obtained after completing the Mage Arena minigame. To unlock Divine Storm and use it outside of the arena, it must be cast 100 times inside the arena.
Spellcaster gloves.png: RS3 Inventory image of Spellcaster glovesSpellcaster gloves Kill all bosses in set 2[1] and 500 bosses.

See for the list of quest requirements Spellcaster gloves#Obtaining

Mahjarrat aura.png: RS3 Inventory image of Mahjarrat auraMahjarrat aura 1,000 Reaper points at Death's Store or 3 bonds.
Vampyrism aura.png: RS3 Inventory image of Vampyrism auraVampyrism aura 5,000 Marks of War

Heal caps at 50 life points per hit unlocked from War's Wares.

Dark magic aura.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dark magic auraDark magic aura 12,500 Marks of War unlocked from War's Wares.
Berserker aura.png Reckless aura.pngManiacal aura.pngBerserker, Reckless, Maniacal
Boosts your respective style, but at the cost of your Defence.

25,000 Marks of War each unlocked from War's Wares.

War's Retreat
Campfire.png Campfire Life point boost equivalent to the bonfire boost for the tier of logs the player has unlocked from War's Wares.
War's Retreat Teleport icon.pngWar's Retreat Teleport 10 boss kills unlocked from War's Wares.
Unattuned boss portal.pngBoss portal 100 boss kills unlocked from War's Wares.
Altar of War.pngAltar of War 200 boss kills unlocked from War's Wares.
Adrenaline crystal icon.pngAdrenaline crystal 1,000 boss kills unlocked from War's Wares.
Default achievement icon.pngReaper Crew Defeat every boss reaper can assign as a task to get additional stats, full list can be found at Reaper Crew.
Bank chest.png Elite dungeon chest upgrade Chests inside Elite Dungeons to allow banking and always grant the 20% double loot chance on bosses.

750,000 Dungoneering tokens.

Spirit cape.png: RS3 Inventory image of Spirit capeSpirit cape Special move cost for combat Summoning familiars is permanently reduced by 20%[2]

45,000 Dungeoneering tokens.

Totem of Auras.png: RS3 Inventory image of Totem of AurasTotem of Auras Reduces the cooldown of auras by 15%.

Created combining the top, middle and base. Each piece can be obtained via different activities on Anachronia.

Spirit spider (player-owned farm).png Spider (player-owned farm) Spider egg (unchecked) obtained as a monster drop from any spider species. Increased damage against all spiders by 2% (including Araxxor/Araxxi). This can be further increased to 3% if two medium pens have active farm totems and an elder.
Malletops (player-owned farm).png Malletops (player-owned farm) Malletops (unchecked) can be obtained from huntingBGH Malletops or from purchasing a dinosaur egg from the Hunter Mark Shop. Increases the duration of Barricade by 1.8 seconds, this can be further increased to 3.6 seconds if two large pens have active farm totems and an elder.
Corbicula rex (player-owned farm).png Corbicula rex (player-owned farm) Corbicula rex (unchecked) can be obtained from huntingBGH Corbicula rex or from purchasing a dinosaur egg from the Hunter Mark Shop. Increases the critical hit chance of Meteor Strike by 20%, this can be further increased to 40% if two large pens have active farm totems and an elder.
Reaper's choice 10% chance of being able to choose your assignment when receiving a new one. Rerolled assignments also have this chance. 250 Reaper points.
Instance cost Reduce the cost of boss instancing by 25%. 250 Reaper points.
Death's support Double the amount healed from sign and portent of life and death (this also applies to the perk of the Defence cape). 250 Reaper points.
Bonfire booster Increase the duration of bonfire health boosts by 25%. 250 Reaper points or 2,500 Slayer points.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Corruption Shot.png Corruption Blast.png
Onslaught.png Storm Shards.png
Mazcab ability codex can be bought from the Armoursmith for 25,000 Teci, or received as a drop from Beastmaster Durzag or Yakamaru.
Greater Barge.png Greater Flurry.pngGreater Fury.png
Codices drop in Dragonkin Laboratory.
Greater Ricochet.png Greater Chain.png
Obtained as a rare drop from Raksha, the Shadow Colossus
Devotion.png Sacrifice.png
Obtained as a rare drop from General Graardor and Kree'arra. It is also obtainable from their bodyguards and from other aviansie in Armadyl's Eyrie and other Bandos followers within the dungeon.
Tuska's Wrath.png 4,000 Reward Currency from the Anima Islands Distraction & Diversion.
Double Surge codex.png Created with 500 codex pages using the Lectern.
Limitless.png Limitless ability codex, made by combining 2,000 vital sparks.
Ingenuity of the Humans.png Ingenuity of the Humans crafted with 114 Invention.
Dragon Slayer (ability).png Demon Slayer (ability).pngUndead Slayer (ability).png
Crafted with level 88 Invention, the blueprints costs 100,000 Dungeoneering tokens each.

Relic power[edit | edit source]

Requires Archaeology Archaeology 120 and Mysterious City mystery. The set below provides more defence, more damage (if health is kept low) and more adrenaline.
Relic power Effect Level Archaeology Required relic Monolith energy
Death Ward.png Death Ward 5% damage reduction when your life points are below 50%; 10% damage reduction when they are below 25%. 81 Ring of Solomon.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ring of SolomonRing of Solomon 150
Berserker's Fury.png Berserker's Fury Deal up to +5.5% damage the lower your life points are below max. 56 Dharok's Memento.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dharok's MementoDharok's Memento 250
Fury of the Small.png Fury of the Small All basic abilities generate 1% more adrenaline. 97 Goblin Warpaints.png: RS3 Inventory image of Goblin WarpaintsGoblin Warpaints 150
Total monolith energy used 550

If player don't have Mysterious City completed, player should use Font of Life instead of Death Ward

Zone achievements[edit | edit source]

Hard Desert achievements Keris hit chance bonus increased to 25% from 15% and chance of triple damage increased to 5% from 2.5% against Kalphite King.
Elite Fremennik achievements Deal 10% more damage to the Dagannoth Kings with autoattacks, and 5% more with abilities.
Hard Karamja achievements Access to gemstone dragons as a Slayer task, which include the gemstone dragons in Dragonkin labratory.
Hard Morytania achievements Prayer drain is halved in the Barrows.

Double runes from Barrows.
Bank Barrows chest loot directly from the reward chest.

Elite Seers' Village achievements The healing effect of enhanced excalibur has doubled duration (resulting in double the amount healed).

Increased chance of +2% that the special effects of enchanted bolts activate.

Elite Tirannwn achievements Tirannwn quiver 4 is used in the ammo slot and gives a Prayer bonus of 4.

References[edit | edit source]