Protoleather armour

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Protoleather armour is the tier 1 ranged armour used with the Dungeoneering skill. The set consists of coif, body, chaps, vambraces, and boots. Pieces are often dropped by level 7 forgotten rangers. A player can have any Ranged and Defence to wear a protoleather item.

A total of 12 protomastyx hides and level 9 Crafting is required to make the entire set. The hides can be obtained from hunting or killing Protomastyx, or bought from the Smuggler. More protomastyx hide is obtained if a player uses a hunter trap to catch the Protomastyx, requiring only level 1 Hunter, instead of just killing it.

Components and Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonusProtoleather armour equipped (female).png
Protoleather coif.pngProtoleather coif------22-----
Protoleather body.pngProtoleather body------25.3-----
Protoleather chaps.pngProtoleather chaps------24.2-----
Protoleather vambraces.pngProtoleather vambraces------5.5-----
Protoleather boots.pngProtoleather boots------5.5-----
Protoleather shield.pngProtoleather shield------22-----