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Protean protein is a Treasure Hunter reward.
If the associated promotion is not currently active, it may not be obtainable.
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Protean protein is a Treasure Hunter reward that can be used to earn Cooking experience. They can be used on any range or fire to do protean cooking, which yields cooking experience but no cooked protein. 60 protean protein can be used at once in the Make-X interface. Each protein takes 4.8 seconds to process (3.6 seconds with a protean powerup). Thus, a maximum of 750 protein can be used per hour without protean powerups, or 1,000 per hour with powerups.

Unlike other protean items, they cannot be converted at a 3:2 ratio into other protean items. No additional experience is awarded for cooking protean protein on a portable range.

Experience[edit | edit source]

The experience given by each protean protein scales according to the player's Cooking level at certain intervals.

Level Food XP per protein Base XP per hour
1–14 Protean shrimp 65 48,750
15–27 Protean trout 165 123,750
28–39 Protean salmon 210 157,500
40–62 Protean lobster 250 187,500
63–79 Protean monkfish 300 225,000
80–92 Protean shark 360 270,000
93–99 Protean rocktail 500 375,000

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name for this item comes from an internal phenetic pun where "protean" sounds like "protein".