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Protean powerup is a Treasure Hunter reward.
If the associated promotion is not currently active, it may not be obtainable.
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Protean powerups are items used to increase the speed at which protean items are processed by 15% rounded down. Each powerup lasts for 5 minutes per activation, stacking up to 2 hours (a maximum of 24 powerups can be used at one time). They can be right-clicked to check the currently active powerup's duration. The duration can also be seen as a buff on the buff bar. The timer is paused upon exiting to the lobby or logging out.

The powerup has no effect on protean traps and protean planks.

Protean powerups can be obtained from Yak Tracks and some Treasure Hunter promotions such as Time to Train.

The table below shows the time required to process 60 protean items when using protean powerups.

Protean item Skill Original time
(in seconds)
Reduced time
(in seconds)
Protean hide Crafting 180 144
Protean logs Firemaking 282 248
Protean logs Fletching 252 216
Protean logs Fletching and Firemaking 252 216
Protean bar Smithing 252 216
Protean memory Divination 288 252
Protean cog Invention 252 216
Protean protein Cooking 252 216
Protean essence Runecrafting 252 216
Protean shake Herblore 252 216

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