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Project Woodpecker can be obtained when excavating at various excavation hotspots at the Stormguard Citadel Dig Site. This is one of the five pages needed for the A Study in Aether mystery.

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Project Woodpecker

My greatest work nears completion! While the name is simple, the function is far from it. Who knew back then that this is where the discovery of quintessence would lead? Any first-year alchemist could describe the four base elements, but our presence here in the skies above this world placed us in prime position to stumble upon a fifth.

It's ethereal, being that it does not appear within the magical spectrum, but rather only naturally in the world, in convergence points for cosmic energies high above the surface. To aid in harvesting, the quintessence counter has been essential, and it is only after many decades of harvesting that we have been able to gather enough for more than simple experimentation.

My earlier work in metallurgy and the ever-increasing demands of these constant wars happening beneath us, along with much cajoling from the Stormguard commander, led my experiments down the path of weapon production. To that end, the spy, Mat'ahar'i, was sent out numerous times to collect samples from our allies-turned-enemies-turned-allies-again. I have long-since learned how to blend the various techniques of hardened bronze with our own lightning-charged steel, and the singing alloy of the icyene with the burning hellfire metal of demonkind, but extracting their essence and blending it with quintessence has led to the creation of a new metal, which I have dubbed aetherium alloy.

This alloy shall form the basis of a new weapon, one which can harm even a god. I have been experimenting with different forms to determine the most effective delivery mechanism. It appears there is something in direct contact, so my primary research is leaning towards a melee weapon of some design.

This weapon shall become a turning point in these wars between the least once we've managed to secure more metals in order to forge enough aetherium alloy to forge a full blade. This may take some time, but before long, Armadyl will bring peace and justice back to this world.


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