Profound decorative armour stand

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The profound decorative armour stand is a piece of furniture that can be built in the Skill Hall of a player-owned house with the Construction skill. It allows the display of profound decorative equipment. Building a Profound decorative armour stand requires at least 28 Construction, 2 oak planks, a profound decorative helm, a profound decorative platebody, and a profound decorative shield. Purchase of the armour requires a total of 2550 gold Castle wars tickets.

When the armour stand is removed, players will always receive their armour back. Because of this, building the Profound decorative armour stand gives more experience per plank than other pieces of oak furniture, 90 experience per plank as compared to 60 experience per plank when only oak planks are used. The increased cost efficiency comes at a significant speed penalty, however. Making Oak furniture at a wooden or oak workbench, or making Oak doors, is much faster due to the added time cost of removing the armour stand each time before it can be reconstructed.

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