Prismatic dye

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Prismatic dye interface.png

The prismatic dye is a consumable item from Solomon's General Store that allows players to add custom colours to their colour options on recolourable cosmetic overrides. A maximum of eight custom colours can be saved at any one time.

When players purchase a prismatic dye, it is consumed when players select a single color shade from the options available below. It does not unlock a slot that allow players to select multiple shades.

Costs[edit | edit source]

Amount Cost (RuneCoins) Effective cost (RuneCoins from Bond) Bonds required
(Actual cost)
2 195
(97.5 each)
(11,173,632 each)
1 (22,347,263)
4 350
(87.5 each)
(10,027,618 each)
2 (44,694,526)
8 625
(78.125 each)
(8,953,230 each)
4 (89,389,052)

All available colours[edit | edit source]