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The prince outfit consists of a prince tunic and prince leggings.

The Prince outfit is a set of clothes that is composed of a prince tunic and prince leggings. The outfit cannot be traded to other players or sold to general stores. The full set can be stored in the Costume room of a Player owned house.

Male players could previously acquire this outfit by choosing the save for up for a costume option from a random event gift box (from the Frogs random event) then getting a piece of the costume from Thessalia of Thessalia's Fine Clothes. It is now purchased from Iffie. It should be noted that only a male character may wear the prince outfit. If gender is changed whilst wearing it (going to the Makeover Mage) then the outfit will change into a princess outfit, the female equivalent, which is obtained in the same way. If the player changes their gender and attempts to wear the outfit of the opposite gender, it will say that the piece of clothing magically changes into the opposite gender's equivalent.

The Frogs event was available to both free-to-play and pay-to-play players. Players with female characters would receive a princess outfit instead.

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