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For this item's off-hand variant, see off-hand primal knife.
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The primal knife is a main hand Ranged item found in Daemonheim. It can be wielded with 99 Ranged. This weapon cannot be smithed unlike other throwing knives in Daemonheim. It is only obtainable as a drop from Icy Bones. Unlike most other weapons, the off-hand variant is dropped by a different boss - Necrolord.

Primal knives are currently the most powerful main hand and off-hand throwing weapons in the game. Compared to the Sagittarian shortbow, dual-wielding primal knives slightly increases long-term damage output because of access to Needle Strike instead of Dazing Shot. However because of the greater single-shot auto-attack damage on the shortbow, it will have the advantage when entering combat. The attack range of knives are also very low, and in certain situations can be problematic. Knives allow the wielder to bind any ammunition, whereas the bow requires arrows to use. For that reason knives are preferred if the player does not have access to the Daemonheim Aura 2 or higher, so that the player may bind the highly required cosmic or law runes.

Because of the ring of kinship customization however, a Sagittarian shortbow might be preferred by some, since the release of the Daemonheim achievement diaries. Unlocking the Daemonheim Aura(s) allows for a secondary-effect to be active, meaning one could activate both the Desperado and the Sniper perk. The Sniper perk however only boosts the accuracy of bows, meaning primal knives are unaffected. Players can, however, opt to use Keen-eye instead of Sniper and achieve almost the same effect. Overall, the Sagitarrian shortbow is better for auto-attack damage at the start of combat and attack range, while Primal knives are better suited for raw damage output where attack range isn't an issue.

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