Pride in Chaos

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The Pride in Chaos was a Zamorakian ship that was sunk by Tomlin in the special voyage Spreading the Word.

It was one of the three vessels owned by Zamorakian missionaries stationed in The Hook. After hearing reports of Zamorakians converting sea orphans and killing those they couldn't convert, the player sent Tomlin and a crew to rout the Zamorakians, resulting in the sinking of Pride in Chaos at the Teardrop Islands and the escape of the other two Zamorakian ships.[1][2][3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is referred to as Pride of Chaos in the Teardrop Islands Captain's Log map description, after the story voyage.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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    • The Missionary: That was when I spotted the Zamorakian missionaries. They ran from me to their boats, but they had already done their damage. The missionaries had spread muck in the orphans' minds. Teachings like 'Zamorak is the one true god', and 'Saradomin clings helplessly to the boot of Zamorak'. And anyone they couldn't convert, they killed. We lost a dozen of the orphans in one day. [...]
    • Player: I'll settle for not seeing them killed. I'll send a ship to rout the Zamorakian missionaries.
    • The Missionary: They're stationed in the Hook Islands. I'm coming along. I haven't cracked any skulls in weeks.
  2. ^ The Missionary, "Spreading the Word", RuneScape. "We were out-manoeuvred! While the Pride in Chaos sank, their two remaining ships eluded us and sailed on to Hyu-Ji, spreading more lies."
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