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This article is about pretzel salesman. For other Berts, see Bert (disambiguation).
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Pretzel Bert only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
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Pretzel Bert was a man located next to a pretzel stall east of Varrock during the Oktoberfest event. At the time of his release, a player could not interact with him. Starting on the 1st of October, a player was able to buy pretzels from him for 1 coin each. They healed one life point when eaten, and were removed from the game on the 18th. One could only buy 24 pretzels at a time.

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  • When Bert was first released, a player could not interact with him. Even then, he was believed to be related to Oktoberfest because he wears stereotypical German clothing and the item Oktoberfest Pretzel was added to the Quickchat item menu at the same time. There was also the message of the week on the login screen: "Event info: Oktoberfest starts 1st October on the events forum." and the fact that there is a holiday icon on the map where he is located. Since the 1st October when talking to him he would say "Greet God, Young Herr" for males and "Greet God Young Fräulein" for females. "Herr" translates to "Mister" and "Fräulein" translates to "Miss".
  • The examine of his stall is "A market stall selling pretzels."
  • He mentions the Varrock Tourist Office, and says they hired him.