Prestige (skills)

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This article's subject does not appear in game.
It may be involved in an upcoming update, or its development and release may have been cancelled entirely.

Prestige was a proposed measure of how many times a user had achieved level 99 in a given skill. It was first proposed on 10 October 2013 in a development blog. After player feedback, the update was put to a poll, after which the update was cancelled.

Original concept[edit | edit source]

In July 2013, developers had pitched the initial concept of a prestige system to a closed group of players. It is unknown why the original concept was scrapped, but the proposal for mentorships and halved experience rates were overturned for twice the experience required for the first prestige.

Players would have gained half the experience for actions in a skill, but level 99 would always be at the same experience point. Prestiged players would have been able to become mentors for other players in a fashion similar to Raf xp boost scrolls. Those players whom had a mentor would be able to gain a small experience boost and the prestiged player would gain slightly more experience of up to the same experience an action would have given before prestiging. Mentored players would have only been able to give additional experience to the prestiged player while online and could only have a single mentor at a time.

Proposed mechanism[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching level 99 in a skill, a player could gain a prestige level for the skill by resetting it back to level 1. Then, the player level up the skill again, requiring twice the XP per level as before. This could be repeated, with the third prestige level requiring three times the XP as originally, and so on. The player's lifetime XP would also be tracked, and would still remain capped at 200 million.

Highscores[edit | edit source]

Under the proposed system, the highscores for each individual skill would be sorted first by prestige level, and then by XP within each prestige level. The overall highscores would be sorted by how many times the player has gained prestige levels in all of his or her skills. For example, if someone had 190,000 experience with 2 prestige levels, they'd be ahead of another person who had 190,001 experience but no prestige levels.

Historical highscores would be preserved of users who achieved 200 million experience in a skill prior to the update.