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The Prehistoric abyssal is the final boss of Heart of Stone. Xenia met this creature while in the Abyss and he told her what would happen to Gielinor if the Elder Gods awakened by showing her what they did to other worlds.[1] Together, they came to the conclusion that to stop the Great Revision, Xenia would have to stop the flow of Anima Mundi.[2]

After Ariane kills Xenia, the prehistoric abyssal appears and must be fought. He is at first invulnerable, and shoots magic at the player, until Kipple finds abyssal anchors for the adventurer to destroy. After this, he can be fought although melee is not recommended as he will frequently kick the player back. After being defeated, he tells the player that the Elder Gods have already started awakening and that it is too late.[3]

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References[edit | edit source]

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