Praesulic essence (ranged)

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Ranged praesulic essence is an item used to make elite sirenic armour, and is created by breaking down Pernix equipment at a Dragonkin anvil, a process which requires Level 99 Crafting. Accessing the Dragon Forge anvil requires the completion of While Guthix Sleeps. This process is completely different from disassembly, and disassembling Pernix equipment will not grant any essence. It is the ranged equivalent of Praesulic essence (melee) and Praesulic essence (magic).

Creation[edit | edit source]

Caution: Breaking down an augmented piece of Pernix equipment into Praesulic essence does not return any of the gizmos installed on that piece of augmented equipment nor award any invention experience. Breaking down a degraded piece of Pernix equipment will return less praesulic essence than an augmented/fully charged piece.

The table listed below shows the amount of essence that is obtained from an unworn piece of Pernix equipment.

ItemTicksEssencePrice per essence
Pernix cowl.png Pernix cowl2025,860,900
Pernix body.png Pernix body5056,077,692
Pernix chaps.png Pernix chaps3036,003,033
Pernix gloves.png Pernix gloves1016,175,684
Pernix boots.png Pernix boots1015,784,692

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