Praesulic essence

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Praesulic essense detail.png

Praesulic essence is an item used to make masterwork trim along with an elder rune bar and malevolent essence. It is made from breaking down a piece of augmented, new, or used torva equipment on a Dragonkin anvil at the Dragonkin forge.

Caution: Breaking down an augmented piece of Torva equipment into Praesulic essence does not return any of the gizmos installed on that piece of augmented equipment nor award any invention experience. Breaking down a degraded piece of Torva equipment will return less Praesulic essence than an augmented/fully charged piece.

The table listed below shows the amount of essence that is obtained from an unworn piece of torva equipment.

ItemTicksEssencePrice per essence
Torva full helm.png Torva full helm20217,313,450
Torva platebody.png Torva platebody50517,304,861
Torva platelegs.png Torva platelegs30317,127,627
Torva gloves.png Torva gloves10117,012,788
Torva boots.png Torva boots10117,016,197