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There are a number of quests and miniquests with post-quest rewards. These rewards are not directly given on completion of the (mini)quest, but must instead be unlocked by doing something after the (mini)quest. Doing this often requires skill requirements that the (mini)quest itself did not require. These are often not mentioned on the update page and are found by players.

Quests[edit | edit source]

QuestPost quest rewards
All Fired Up
  • After the quest, King Roald tells the player that if they manage to light 6, 10, and 14 beacons simultaneously, they receive additional rewards. King Roald offers a ring of fire for lighting 6 beacons, flame gloves for lighting 10, and an Inferno Adze for lighting all 14.
Birthright of the Dwarves
  • A further 250,000 Mining experience in chunks of 20,000 to 33,000 experience, with requirements ranging from 81 to 95 Mining, when mining the Ancient Keldagrim ruins north of West Keldagrim. Boosts will work to mine ruins that are beyond your current level.
  • If Veldaban survives, the player can offer to use the memory wand to restore his memories of Hilda. He is initially reluctant, afraid of how much he may have made up about her but, if the player encourages him, agrees. He doesn't share his revelations, saying that it's between him and her memory, but thanks the player for doing so. Veldaban can be found in the throne room above the Trade Octagon or in the Laughing Miner Pub on the east side of the city, depending on the player's choice. The wand can be fetched from the Watchtower Wizard if the player destroyed it earlier in the quest.
    • It can also be used on the Drunken Dwarf in the north of East Keldagrim regardless of the outcome of the quest. However, if the player chooses to find the rightful king of Keldagrim, it will have no effect on him.
Bringing Home the BaconAfter the quest, you can upgrade the pig creation machine using Construction, giving you access to stronger pig familiars.

Boosts may not be used to upgrade machines. Protean planks may not be used in lieu of the required planks.

  • Upgrading to tier 2 requires 44 Construction, 44 Crafting and 44 Summoning and 3 oak planks, 2 steel bars and at least 3 nails. Gives 100 Construction and Crafting experience.
  • Upgrading to tier 3 requires 84 Construction, 84 Crafting and 84 Summoning and 3 teak planks, 2 mithril bars, and at least 3 nails. Gives 1,000 Construction and Crafting experience.
  • Last of the Summer Swine (RuneScore.png 10) – Fully upgrade the pig creation machine after 'Bringing Home the Bacon'.
Broken HomeThis quest can be replayed to earn several one-time bonuses and challenge rewards as well as repeatable weekly rewards.
Carnillean Rising
  • Talk to Claus the chef and then defeat the wolf matriarch to obtain her skull. Check Claus is Rising for more info on the rewards.
  • Talk to Ceril Carnillean to locate Philipe Carnillean, who will give you an experience lamp worth 2,000 Skills experience in a skill of your choosing. You must have the correct number of quest points before Ceril gives you the next location. You don't have to speak to Ceril to unlock the next location; However, you need to use the experience lamp to make Philipe move to the next location.
  • Quest map icon.png Quest points Quest Location XP reward Philipe's lamp.png: RS3 Inventory image of Philipe's lamp Philipe's Combat level
    50 Biohazard Combat training area (found northwest of Ardougne) 2,000 any skill over level 30 30
    100 None West of the Mountain Camp entrance 5,000 any skill over level 40 50
    150 Shilo Village Top level of Shilo Village, in Paramaya inn Dormitory. 5,000 any skill over level 40 70
    200 None Port Phasmatys's Inn, called: The Green Ghost 10,000 any skill over level 55 80
    250 None Next to the Ramokee Skinweaver at the bottom of the Polypore dungeon 10,000 any skill over level 55 90
    300 Another Slice of H.A.M. In front of Oldak's house in Dorgesh-Kaan 10,000 any skill over level 55 100
    350 Swan Song Inside the machine room in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. 10,000 any skill over level 55 110
    400 TzHaar City At the TzHaar Fight Caves entrance, in the TzHaar City 10,000 any skill over level 55 120
    Chef's Assistant
    Children of MahAfter the quest, you can return to the Lava Falls via the World Gate to replay the lava surfing minigame and to investigate the four mahjarrat deathstones if you didn't do so during the quest. Investigating all four deathstones is a master quest cape requirement.
    Crocodile Tears
    The Curse of ArravThe player can talk to Ali the Wise after the quest and give him additional information, but there are no rewards for doing so. To give him all the information, the player will need to have gathered the four tablets in the tunnel and the two notes of Mahjarrat (A-J and K-Z).

    The player can also give him information from the following quests (if they had not been given already following Missing My Mummy):

    Curse of the Black StoneAfter unlocking the Goshima gate and visiting the island outside of quest mode, an azure key can be found in the eastern trunk north of the north-easternmost building in the town.

    This key can be used to grant access to the azure room, a hidden room within the Temple of Aminishi. The door is on floor 1, where Oyu the Quietest spawns.

    In addition to various lore found in the room, traversing further through the azure room corridor leads to a previously inaccessible north-eastern island of Aminishi. There are skilling spots for bamboo, north-east Aminishi mine, and a bank deposit box in the south-east by the dock.

    Players may dig at a mound located on the northern shoreline of Aminishi to find a trunk key which can be used to open the trunk located in the azure room. This contains:

    Looting the trunk completes A Mini Shipment achievement.
    Dealing with Scabaras
    • Talk to Simon Templeton about the job he mentioned during the quest. He sends you to talk with the Pyramid Plunder mummy. After the mummy refuses, return to Simon. Simon will now accept noted pyramid treasures (from Pyramid Plunder), except golden ones, to exchange for money.
      • The dialogue for doing so: "Jokes aside, you've been a good sport. As a favour, from now on I'm willing to take bank certificates of any objects you get from that miserable mummy's pyramid plunder. Well, any but the gold ones, that is - you might [be?] tempted to fake stuff if theres profit involved, as we both know."
    • Scabarites Notes miniquest
    The Death of ChivalryUnlocking and claiming all these additional rewards is a requirement for the master quest cape.


    • Ability to make Dulcin's armour a cosmetic override by defeating Dawn in battle after the quest. This can be done by using the Skull of Remembrance on Dawn's dead body.
    • Searching the supply crate by Black Knights' tents next to the portal will yield 200 water runes and 100 fire runes if you did not take them during the quest.
    • Looting the dead Black Knights for more coins if you did not do so during the quest.


    Members can find these rewards in the coffins in the Tomb of the Fallen, which can be returned to via the portal in the Black Knights' Fortress or by selecting teleport as an option on the Skull of Remembrance which is given to you in the quest.

    • 3,500 Combat experience ancient lamp (useable on one of: Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Magic, Ranged, Prayer or Summoning). (requires 40 Strength and 40 in the chosen combat skill, including prayer.)
    • 60,000 Prayer experience ancient lamp (requires 80 Strength and 65 Prayer (cannot be boosted))
    • Gilded cabbage which summons Brassica Prime, who awards 10,000 Prayer bonus experience after being kicked 30 times. (requires 60 Strength). This bonus Prayer experience is awarded in the form of double experience while you train in the skill, not instantaneously as given by XP lamps.
    • Templar outfit - a cosmetic override.
    Diamond in the Rough
    The Scabaras tomb
    Players with level 80 Mining (boosts may be used, must be visible) can mine a crack in the room below the quicksand for 20,000 Mining experience and access Scabaras tomb, which contains a Scabaras mask and a Was (sceptre). To reach the fissure room, go down the well (north-west of the Kalphite Lair, fairy ring BIQ) and go in the tunnel in the east wall of the Kalphite nursery. Then go through the tunnel all the way to the other side and enter. You will find yourself in the room below the quicksand.
    Dishonour among ThievesThere are four chests within Zamorak's hideout, three of which contain an experience lamp which can be used on any skill. To go to the hideout use the communication device. The chests do not require elite skills (e.g. Invention) to open.
    • The first chest contains an XP lamp (tier 1) with 7,000 experience, and requires level 50'"`UNIQ--ref-00000006-QINU`"' in all skills to obtain (south side, along the east wall right before the wall slants diagonally).
    • The second chest contains an experience XP lamp (tier 2) with 50,000 experience, and requires level 70'"`UNIQ--ref-00000007-QINU`"' in all skills to obtain (east side, in front of the northern lava pit).
    • The third chest contains an XP lamp (tier 3) with 96,000 experience, and requires level 90'"`UNIQ--ref-00000008-QINU`"' in all skills to obtain (behind Zamorak's throne).

    The fourth chest in Zamorak's hideout and five other chests contain 5,000 coins, 250 Dungeoneering tokens, and 3 noted cut gems (either sapphires, emeralds or rubies):

    Looting all these chests, excluding the Jerrod chest, is a requirement for the master quest cape.
    Do No Evil
    The entrance to the Apmeken tomb.
    The Apmeken tomb.
    • Players with level 80 Agility (boosts may be used) can enter (climb exit) a cavern on the cliff that makes up the south wall of the Monkey colony for 20,000 Agility experience (affected by xp boosts), and access to a secret treasure room, which contains an Apmeken mask and an ankh.
    Enlightened Journey
  • Ability to take part in Balloon Transport System (miniquest).
  • Fate of the Gods
    Glorious Memories
    Baba Yaga teleports the adventurers out of the Trollweiss Dungeon.
    Baba Yaga clears off everyone's memory before teleporting away.

    To claim the additional rewards, speak with Baba Yaga in her chicken-leg house on Lunar Isle.

    You must talk to her about the astral rune. Make sure you have the unfinished astral rune with you. She tells you it is her lucky rune and asks if she can have it back. She also offers to tell you a story. Tell her you want to know the bits the other adventurers don't remember.

    In this cutscene, you again see the adventurers in the dungeon, fighting Nial. The prophecy tablet is on the ground, behind Vargas. Baba Yaga picks up the tablet and then casts the Tele-group Fishing Guild spell to save them from Nial. In front of the guild, Brundt asks Baba Yaga to give him the tablet, but she refuses. She casts the Cure Other spell on Vargas, hoping it will help him, and then casts a spell that clears the memories of the group. The spell shows birds circling around the adventurers' heads, much like the stun emote when you unsuccessfully pickpocket an NPC. She then teleports away.

    Back in the present, Baba Yaga said she kept the tablet, thinking it might be useful, but soon lost hope of that. She exchanges the unfinished astral rune for a prophecy tablet and an antique Lamp. When you read the prophecy tablet, it says "And his/her name will be [your Fremennik name]."

    Additional rewards

    Glorious Memories reward 2.png
    Gunnar's GroundAfter the quest, you can go to what used to be Juliet's house (near the Cooking Guild) and Dororan is now living there with Gudrun. You can talk to Dororan and ask for additional tasks to engrave jewellery for him and receive up to 32K experience in Crafting.

    If you talk to Dororan after this quest, he will ask your help in carving words on a ruby bracelet (engrave 'With beauty blessed.' on it), dragonstone necklace (engrave 'Gudrun' on it) and onyx amulet (engrave 'The most beautiful girl in the room.' on it). If you agree to help, you get an additional total of 32,000 Crafting experience. Free players can engrave the jewellery even though they can only be obtained by members. Temporary boosts work.

    • Ruby bracelet requires a level of 42 Crafting and gives 2,000 Crafting experience.
    • Dragonstone necklace requires a level of 72 Crafting and gives 10,000 Crafting experience.
    • Onyx amulet requires a level of 90 Crafting and gives 20,000 Crafting experience.
    Heart of Stone
    Uncover the secrets of powerful entities on Gielinor and danger they represent.
  • The Kipple Nano pet can be received from Ariane at the Wizards' Tower.
  • The ability to talk to Azzanadra in Senntisten Temple and tell him what you discovered about the Elder Gods to receive a medium experience lamp. Returning to him after a bit of time has passed also prompts him to give you the Blank observation. This requires The Temple at Senntisten and Fate of the Gods.
  • Heartstealer
  • Thieving XP lamp which grants 2,500 Thieving experience obtained from Caelyn if also level 20 Thieving after the quest which completes the Redistribution of knowledge achievement. (Members Only)
  • Icthlarin's Little HelperIf you wear the Amulet of Catspeak and talk to your cat, you can watch a final cutscene where you are first hypnotised by the wanderer and given an unholy symbol. Your cat will then explain to you what the wanderer's plans were all about.
    Kennith's ConcernsIf you talk to the parents of Kimberly, they are at the end of the cave (where you found them mining in the quest), they will ask you to fetch an item from the surface. The items that may be requested are listed below: The player will receive 2 noted coal stone spirits in exchange for the item. The requested item cannot be noted. By equipping leather boots and an iron hatchet, the player may bring 2 spades, hammers, tinderboxes and leather boots, and 3 of each other item, and an extra of the item last requested. This will generally yield 30-36 coal stone spirits per trip. However, as it takes several minutes to reach Kimberly from the south-east bank in Ardougne, players may find it more worthwhile to simply mine coal.
    Love StoryUnlocking the rewards below is a master quest cape requirement:
    • After returning Mabel's ring, Mabel gives a bankable lamp, which grants 10,000 Skills experience in any skill over level 60. Mabel may be found hiding in a sack in the barn where you originally found her.
    • After the quest, you can talk to the Draynor tree guard at Draynor Village and offer to chop down the tree to help him down; he will then reward you with 5,000 coins.
    • Adventurers who have completed the quest may wish to travel to Keldagrim to talk to a dwarf called Runvastr, who lives on Keldagrim's east side in the house directly south of the pickaxe shop. If you deliver his diary to the Wise Old Man back in Draynor Village, you’ll earn the ability to chip House teletabs to take you to Trollheim as well.
    Missing My MummyExperience earned while completing the mummy:
  • 2,100 Cooking experience
  • 2,100 Construction experience
  • 5,000 Magic experience
  • 6,500 Prayer experience
  • 3,350 Crafting experience
  • 3,000 Thieving experience
  • Missing, Presumed Death
  • Two new death animations also from the Statue of Death, one featuring Death and one featuring Icthlarin
  • 50,000 Constitution experience lamp (requires level 75 Constitution to use)
  • 30,000 Skills experience lamp (requires level 75 in the chosen skill to use)
  • 50,000 Thieving experience lamp (requires level 75 Thieving to use)
  • 30 barrows amulets (requires level 80 Combat to claim)
  • The Needle Skips
    • Discover all chapters to claim a medium lamp.
    • For full completion, players can find all of the words in each chapter. After the quest is completed, players can replay chapters by searching the Needle (or the rubble that remains after Desperate Times). To get the large XP lamp you need to speak with Megan outside of the quest replays.
    Observatory QuestShould a player look through the telescope again after the quest is completed, they will see the Scorpio constellation. The Observatory professor will suggest going to see his assistant. Upon speaking to the assistant, who reveals that his name is Patrick, he'll thank you for having made his life easier and give you a jug of wine. He also mentions a book on the nearby table named 'The book of astronomy', which speaks of Scorpius' grave. Travel past the abandoned buildings, and keep going north until you see some level 28 ghosts near the entrance of the Ourania runecrafting altar. The Spirit of Scorpius is located in this area with the ghosts; after a brief conversation, it will give you an unholy mould and tell you to return when you are worthy. With the mould, a ball of wool and a silver bar, make an unholy symbol and return to the grave so that Scorpius can bless it.
    Once Upon a Slime
    One Piercing NoteThe below activities are members-only:
    Our Man in the North
  • With level 80 Strength, access to Het tomb containing:
  • Pieces of Hate
    River of Blood
    • One blood essence of your choice by talking to Vanescula Drakan after learning the ability to craft blood essences.
    • A bloodstone by talking to Vanescula Drakan on the roof of Castle Drakan.
    Rune Memories
    • The Archmage [Name] (requires 99 Magic and 99 Runecrafting; speak to Archmage Sedridor to retrieve the title)
    A Shadow over Ashdale
    Song from the Depths
    One of the walls with ancient writings
    • Enter the quest cave (where souls wandered, entrance in a wall south of the Rimmington mining site). Swim through the acid pool (requires 50 Constitution) and go through the only door to the east. In the next cave, go west, then south, then east, then north. Read the northern Ancient writings for 5,000 Constitution experience, then swim through the acid pool (requires 80 Constitution and will cause 50+ damage, but cannot kill you) and read the second wall for the remaining 25,000 Constitution experience. Before reading the ancient writings, their examine text is, "This text is some kind of magic to fortify the body." Once the ancient writings have been read examine will yield the message "The writing has jumbled to become incomprehensible."
    Spirit of Summer
    Main article: Spirit Realm

    All of the following experience awards require at least level 50 in that particular skill. If you do not possess level 50 in the particular skill, the experience can be gained at a later stage after achieving level 50.

    • By operating the ring on the portal in the Western ruins, 15,000 Farming experience will be acquired.
    • By operating the ring on the portal near the magic axe hut (North-East of the Ardougne-Wilderness lever inside the wilderness), 11,250 Attack experience will be acquired. (Take a lockpick if you wish to open the hut doors.)
    • By operating the ring on the portal in the Forgotten Cemetery, 15,000 Prayer experience will be acquired.
    • There are also weak portals that can only be used after completing the sequel to this quest - Summer's End.
    Summer's End
    Main article: Spirit Realm

    After completing this quest, all the Wilderness spiritual portals are opened. See the Spirit Realm article for more information on Spiritual portals. It also makes available the Wilderness Volcano teleport leading to Corporeal Beast on games necklaces, provided the entrance is blocked on the spirit realm.

    You also gain access to the Rogue jewellery shop.
    Tai Bwo Wannai TrioThe three brothers can be found in the three small huts along the southern wall of Tai Bwo Wannai after the quest is completed. Each of them will give the player additional quest rewards.

    Tamayu gives the following rewards when spoken to:

    Tinsay gives the following rewards when spoken to:

    Tiadeche gives the following rewards when spoken to:

    Violet is Blue
  • Members can obtain a total of 90,000 experience from thawing all four frozen snow implings hidden around Yeti Town.
    • 2,000 experience from the crates near the house on the south-east side of town (requires level 20 in all non-elite skills).
    • 8,000 experience from the south well (requires level 40 in all non-elite skills).
    • 30,000 experience from a barrel on the western docks (requires level 60 in all non-elite skills).
    • 50,000 experience from the cart near the bonfire in the centre of town (requires level 80 in all non-elite skills).
  • Violet is Blue TooAfter completion of this quest, the Land of Snow portal near Taverley will give the player the options to travel to "Violet's house! (Violet is Blue Too)", "Yeti town! (Violet is Blue Too), or "Yeti town! (Violet is Blue)". To return from Violet's house after the quest has been completed, players must choose the "Use Gate" option on the gate in front of the house (instead of simply walking down the path as before).
    What's Mine is Yours
    Within the Light
    • The ability to add a choice of destination to your crystal teleport seeds. Talk to Eluned in Isafdar during or after the quest with one fully charged crystal teleport seed in inventory. The teleport can't be added if you are carrying more than one crystal teleport seed. The crystal teleport seed will acquire the ability to teleport to a safe area in front of the Temple of Light, in addition to its original Lletya teleport.
    The World Wakes
    You Are It

    Miniquests[edit | edit source]

    MiniquestPost quest rewards
    The Curse of ZarosUpon completion, you can talk to Historian Minas on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Varrock Museum and receive 10 kudos and an antique lamp which gives 10,000 experience in any skill of at least level 50. For some players, despite the Achievements interface showing that the miniquest is complete, they will continue to receive a prompt from Minas "Find out more about the Staff of Armadyl" until they recollect the 6 outfit pieces and/or go through the chat dialogue with Viggora again.
    Koschei's TroublesYou may speak to Kharshai after receiving the rewards to show him each of the coloured jewels and unlock additional memories. To do this, if you are eligible to start the miniquest Mahjarrat Memories, he will first ask for the player to have at least a level of 60 in Divination, mentioning that he has been experimenting with the methods of channeling used in divination. Once these are unlocked, the player can go through all the options at any time.

    Blue jewel memory

    Kharshai chathead (blue).png

    Speak to Kharshai with the blue jewel to unlock this memory. It is revealed that Kharshai himself was the one that actually erased his memories. According to him, he did that to conceal himself from the other Mahjarrat and that simply shapeshifting wouldn't protect him from the Mahjarrat's innate ability to sense one another.

    Red jewel memory

    Kharshai chathead (red).png

    Speak to Kharshai with the red jewel to unlock this memory. It is revealed that he is the creator of the Balmung, which he says is made of bane ore and that he was working on a spell to enhance it, heading to the Fremennik Isles to obtain Dagannoth blood when his memory was gone. He adds that the player later added the Dagannoth blood, thus tuning the weapon to dagannoth.

    Green jewel memory

    Kharshai chathead (green).png

    Speak to Kharshai with the green jewel to unlock this memory. He reveals that he knows why he is still powerful after so many centuries in the form of Koschei, despite the fact that Mahjarrat generally lose their power over time, even when disguised. According to him, sealing his memory was the key to preserving the power he possessed, since he didn't know the power he had, he didn't use it. He also mentions that this information will interest all the Mahjarrat and he suspects they are already working on a way to locate anyone else that may try to use this method in the future.

    Lost Her MarblesRewards from Robin: