Portent of passage

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A Portent of passage is an item created with the Divination skill, usable only in Daemonheim. It allows skill doors which require levels higher than the portent holder has to be passed, if they are within a certain range. The level boost is equal to 2 times the tier of the portent. The effect of the portent does stack with the effect of a potion. If a player fails to open the door, the portent will protect the player from damage; however, it will be consumed in the process.

Note that portents of passages only works on obstacles on the doors themselves; Puzzles that require a skill level higher than the player has cannot be passed with a portent of passage.

Portent Divination level Energy Levels boosted
Portent of passage I 2 30 Pale energy 1.png pale energy 2
Portent of passage II 15 30 Flickering energy 1.png flickering energy 4
Portent of passage III 25 30 Bright energy 1.png bright energy 6
Portent of passage IV 35 30 Glowing energy 1.png glowing energy 8
Portent of passage V 45 35 Sparkling energy 1.png sparkling energy 10
Portent of passage VI 55 40 Gleaming energy 1.png gleaming energy 12
Portent of passage VII 65 45 Vibrant energy 1.png vibrant energy 14
Portent of passage VIII 75 50 Lustrous energy 1.png lustrous energy 16
Portent of passage IX 86 50 Brilliant energy 1.png brilliant energy 18
Portent of passage X 97 60 Radiant energy 1.png radiant energy 20