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Portal notes are a part of the Dungeoneering journals and are a potential drop from the monsters guarding the halls of the Warped floors of Daemonheim. It is the sixteenth Miscellaneous journal. The notes were written during the Fourth Age, year 1840.

The author, who is unmentioned, witnessed a strange event with a portal in Daemonheim where they saw the ruins of the castle above, but in a vision from the past. The area had been replaced with a grassy green meadow instead of the frozen area of Daemonheim, along with the castle standing undamaged.

The note that is mentioned the author found on the ground is the scrap of parchment which is assumed to have swept through the portal. They were uneasy looking at the transcript and hid it within the notebook so they could read it over later. How the portal notes and the scrap of parchment became separated is unknown.

Book info[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Portal notes.

Fourth Age, year 1840. Date unknown.

Today I chanced upon a strange event, a singularity if you will within one of the many unstable portals of these floors. Such a spectacle I could scarcely believe, as I beheld the ruins on the distant surface above us...but in their former glory. No rubble, no icy peninsula, but a lush green plateau with a dark castle standing proud. After a time the vision shifted and returned to its familiar breeding glow, and I confess in my sadness I lowered my head. There at my feet I saw a lonely scrap of parchment, presumably swept through in the vortices of time. Its prophetic message fills me with unease, and I shall hide it within the folds of these pages and ponder on them when I can be sure of my solitude.

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