Port Lina

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Port Lina was once a coastal trading community in southern Asgarnia and perhaps partially in Misthalin. It existed near the end of the Fourth Age.

Little is known about Port Lina. It is known to have existed roughly 212 years ago, 43 years before the discovery of runestones and the beginning of the Fifth Age. It was established roughly in the same area as modern-day Port Sarim.

Historical documents suggest that Port Lina was inhabited at least partially by pirates, and that many ships which left the port were beset by corsair fleets once out to sea. This may have contributed to the end of the port. It is probable that the port was an individual state, or part of a small fief; records show that Asgarnia did not exist at that time, and Misthalin's borders did not extend as far west as the port.

Samuel Scourduel, a now-deceased wealthy landowner from Varrock, travelled to Port Lina in his middle years. Seeking to explore the world, he joined Captain Gillan aboard his ship, The Glass. Samuel Scourdel returned to Port Lina some time later on a mission to Karamja.