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The four pondskaters

Pondskaters are insects that feature in one of the Dungeoneering puzzles. In order to unlock the doors within the puzzle room, you must obtain a key from the only pondskater who has it. Players will need a certain Fishing level (randomly chosen) to catch the pondskaters.

There are four pondskaters skating in a pond in the central part of the room. From time to time, the four come to the centre of the pond, and the one who has the key opens his mouth and shows it. After that, when it comes to the border of the pond, fish the key from the pondskater's mouth - the key will not appear in your inventory, it just opens the doors. If you try to fish the key from one of the pondskaters who don't have it, the pondskater will say "Yum!" and you will receive some damage. It is therefore recommended that you do not target a random pondskater; it is likely faster and safer to watch for the correct one. When you manage to fish the key from the pondskater's mouth, a message appears saying "The act of simply retrieving the key is enough to deactivate the magical seals on the doors". Then the pondskater will stop moving, and doors open in the room. If you return to the room, the pondskaters will be skating across the pond in random patterns.

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