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Poll Orks counting the votes.

Poll Orks are orks that count the results of the Player-submitted polls conducted by Jagex once every month. Poll Orks are said to be smarter, braver, and more good-looking than regular orks and trolls. They currently do not feature in the RuneScape game.

Based on a letter in the Postbag from the Hedge, Poll Orks do not get paid for working, and are generally honest in doing their job - counting votes, putting the votes into piles, and writing the numbers on the board.

Once, a dishonest Poll Ork tried to change the poll votes and he was sentenced to a lifetime of cleaning the Poll Ork's uniforms.

Postbag from the Hedge[edit | edit source]

Below is the reply of the Poll Orks describing themselves:

We might look like trolls, but that is not what we is. Trolls is stupid, we is orks and much more cleverer than thems trolls. You can spot the difference between us and trolls, cos we look more handsome and braver.

Us Poll Orks do not get paid for what we do, cos it is a privurlege to work hard for demmocrassy. Only the most special and intelagent orks are chosen to serve the mighty polls, and we is proud of our job. It ain’t easy countin all them votes as each person makes their dessizions; we have to be fast and ackyoorate to make sure we doesn’t miss any. The countin can be tuff, but we work togevver to add it all up. Each one of us has a speshal job to do, from puttin the votes into piles, to doin the countin, to rightin the numbers on the bord.

There is many rules for bein a good poll ork, and the main one is bein onnest. We had one ork what tried to change the votes to what he wanted to win, but we spotted him and he was sentenssed to a lifetime of cleanin our poll ork yewniforms.

I hope that my anssers have learned you something about what we does. Happy voting!

— Poll Ork 91837 Postbag from the Hedge - Issue 33

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