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Hitpoints historical.png
Poison was significantly altered after an update.
This article is retained to provide information on past elements of RuneScape.

This is a non-exhaustive list of poisoned weapons that existed before the Evolution of Combat removed the ability to poison weapons and shifted the poison onto the character.

Inventory icons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Type Poison Weapons
Arrow (p) Bronze arrow (p).png Bronze Iron arrow (p).png Iron Steel arrow (p).png Steel Mithril arrow (p).png Mithril Adamant arrow (p).png Adamant Rune arrow (p).png Rune Dragon arrow (p).png Dragon
Bolts (p) Bronze bolts (p).png Bronze Iron bolts (p).png Iron Steel bolts (p).png Steel Black bolts (p).png Black Blurite bolts (p).png Blurite Silver bolts (p).png Silver Mithril bolts (p).png Mithril Adamant bolts (p).png Adamant Runite bolts (p).png Rune
Dagger (p) Bronze dagger (p).png Bronze Iron dagger (p).png Iron Steel dagger (p).png Steel Black dagger (p).png Black White dagger (p).png White Mithril dagger (p).png Mithril Adamant dagger (p).png Adamant Rune dagger (p).png Rune Dragon dagger (p).png Dragon Keris (p).png Keris Bone dagger (p).png Bone
Dart (p) Bronze dart (p).png Bronze Iron dart (p).png Iron Steel dart (p).png Steel Black dart (p).png Black Mithril dart (p).png Mithril Adamant dart (p).png Adamant Rune dart (p).png Rune Dragon dart (p).png Dragon
Hasta (p) Bronze hasta (p).png Bronze Iron hasta (p).png Iron Steel hasta (p).png Steel Mithril hasta (p).png Mithril Adamant hasta (p).png Adamant Rune hasta (p).png Rune
Javelin (p) Bronze javelin (p).png Bronze Iron javelin (p).png Iron Steel javelin (p).png Steel Mithril javelin (p).png Mithril Adamant javelin (p).png Adamant Rune javelin (p).png Rune C. morrigan's javelin (p).png C. morrigan Morrigan's javelin (p).png Morrigan
Knife (p) Bronze knife (p).png Bronze Iron knife (p).png Iron Steel knife (p).png Steel Black knife (p).png Black Mithril knife (p).png Mithril Adamant knife (p).png Adamant Rune knife (p).png Rune
Spear (p) Bronze spear (p).png Bronze Iron spear (p).png Iron Steel spear (p).png Steel Black Mithril spear (p).png Mithril Adamant spear (p).png Adamant Rune spear (p).png Rune Dragon spear (p).png Dragon Dragon spear (kp).png (kp)

In detail[edit | edit source]

Equipped[edit | edit source]