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Plover birds can be caught in southern part of Sophanem; they are south of the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon and west of the luminous wisp colony. When caught the player receives an item of the same name. They require level 73 Hunter to catch and reward 510 Hunter experience each as well as 30 reputation towards the player's active faction in Menaphos. Catching them uses a method similar to deadfall trapping but does not kill the birds. To catch one, set up a trap using the nearby rockodiles and a log.

If planning on hunting these birds for a while, then bring the Seers' headband to provide double logs from the limited trees in the area, reducing the distance players have to run to collect a full inventory of logs. Catching plover birds gives around 95,000 experience an hour at level 74 Hunter.

During the quest Crocodile Tears, 8 birds must be caught.

The pygmy giant scarab and clicker kalphite for the Insects of the Desert may be found while hunting these.

Capturing a Plover bird is also a master Skill riddle challenge clue step.

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