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Player advocacy groups (PAGs) are an initiative set up by Jagex which allows players to contribute towards the development of various pieces of content in RuneScape, including ninja updates and reworks. Each group has a "champion", who is the lead member of the group and directs feedback to the developers, and a "charter", which outlines what area of the game the group will be focusing on.

PAGs offer the chance for our team to work extremely closely with a group of player experts embedded in the development process for a limited time, harnessing their expertise to inform designs or decisions. Every PAG has a player Champion leading it and a public Charter that outlines the particular focus area for the group. The Champion's role is to keep the playerbase informed and ensure the team has the right dynamics to effectively represent the full spectrum of player voices.
— Jagex[1]

Groups[edit | edit source]

Ninja Team Recon[edit | edit source]

The first group, Ninja Team Recon, was setup in April 2020 to help the Ninja Team focus on various smaller-scale improvements that can be made to the game.[2] The changes made as a result of this group included improving clue scrolls and hiding familiars in various areas.

Name Role Brief bio
The RS Guy Champion Streamer, top 1000 ranked hardcore ironman
Night Eyes Member 11+ year player, PvM record holder
Shadofox Member RuneScape Wiki editor
MrDumbledore Member 15+ year player, owner of large Treasure Trails clan
Lars deLux Member Has completed almost every achievement in RuneScape
Rrman Member One of the oldest Ironman Mode players, top 100 on ironman HiScores
Lwut Member 13+ year player, achieved Final Boss and Master of All titles, top 100 on HiScores
Hoobs Member Co-owners of large PvM clan
Wh Member

References[edit | edit source]

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