Player Avatar Refresh Showcase | RuneScape Content Showcase (Feb 2021)

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Player Avatar Refresh Showcase | RuneScape Content Showcase (Feb 2021) was a livestream that was broadcast on 27 February 2021.

The stream showcased an update on the upcoming player avatar refresh.

Description[edit | edit source]

In this thrilling sequel you'll get another look at the Player Avatar Refresh project, courtesy of our fantastic Character Art team. See how we've addressed your feedback, marvel at Mod Iroh's boundless enthusiasm, feast your eyes on some fantastic art!

🎥 An Introduction to Player Avatar Refresh:​

🕑 Timestamps:
0:00​ - Intro
1:56​ - Overview of the Player Avatar Refresh
4:08​ - Project Stages
9:10​ - Updates to the feminine model
15:30​ - Updates to the masculine model
18:05​ - Direction for the physiques
22:02​ - ZBrush comparisons
28:50​ - Clothed models
32:05​ - Is the arm length fixed?
34:27​ - Model heads
40:06​ - How the model hands work
51:43​ - Chathead animations
1:00:01​ - Quick update on hair
1:02:01​ - Changes to materials
1:06:19​ - Outfit sneak peeks & in-game demo
1:12:35​ - Outro