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The Player-owned port interfaces can be seen at the top of the screen while at the port.

Interfaces[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]

The list of resources your port has collected can be seen in the "Resources" drop-down menu at the top left of the screen. Port Resources are used to build and upgrade buildings and other structures, these are untradeable and only seen in the menu. Trade goods are used to make armour, the highest level healing food (rocktail soup) and scrimshaws. Only the end product of these goods can be traded with other players, the goods themselves are only listed in the menu.

The maximum number of Chimes that can be held at one time is 200,000 (any surplus will be removed with the first login after the daily reset). Up to 999,999 of each of the other resources can be collected at once. While buying from the black marketeer bypasses the limit (maintains even after reset), completing any voyage that will give more resources will reset it back to 999,999. All trade goods have a maximum of 250.

Types of resources
Port resources
Maximum: 999,999
Chimes icon.png Chimes (Max: 200,000)
Bamboo icon.png Bamboo Gunpowder icon.png Gunpowder
Slate icon.png Slate Cherrywood icon.png Cherrywood
Jade icon.png Jade Stainless steel icon.png Stainless steel
Terracotta icon.png Terracotta Azure icon.png Azure
Trade goods
Maximum: 250
Ancient bones.png Ancient bones Plate.png Plate
Spices.png Spices Lacquer.png Lacquer
Chi.png Chi Pearls.png Pearls
Koi Scales.png Koi scales

Visitors[edit | edit source]

The Visitors drop-down menu

Visiting adventurers are listed under the Visitors drop-down menu at the top right of the screen. If they are listed as In Port they can be found in the port's bar (upstairs or down), where you can speak to them or replay cutscenes from story mode voyages you have completed. If they are listed as Under Way, they are currently on a voyage. When the voyage has been completed, they will be removed from the menu.

The visiting Captain for Hire is shown below the visiting Adventurers. They will be removed from the Visitors menu if they are hired.

The Black Marketeer will only be shown in the Visitors menu if he has goods for sale. He will be found in the Warehouse regardless of whether he appears in the Visitors menu.

Visiting adventurers and captains may be rerolled if you have earned rerolls from random events at the port. The menu at right shows two captain rerolls and zero adventurer rerolls.

Voyages[edit | edit source]

The voyages interface shows the current available voyages. There are two tabs at the top of this interface, one for standard voyages and one for special voyages. Only three voyages can be seen at a time in each tab. Clicking on the arrows in the upper right corner of a standard voyage slot will reroll a new potential voyage into that slot, using one of your potential voyages for the day. The previous voyage will be lost when this is done. The number of voyages remaining, shown at the bottom of the page, is the number of voyages shown plus the number of rerolls remaining. When there are three voyages remaining, there are no more rerolls available. Fifteen standard voyage rerolls are available each day, plus any standard voyages held over from the previous day.

Visiting adventurers provide from one to six special voyages to choose from, but each adventurer may only participate in only one voyage. When an Adventurer is sent on a voyage, all of their other voyages are removed from the list. When a joint voyage is sent, all other voyages for both Adventurers are removed. If more than 3 special voyages are available, the "More" button below the special voyages will be active, swapping between sets of voyages. Any unused special voyages are lost when the current Adventurers are replaced at reset or by using an Adventurer reroll.

Voyages and rerolls reset at 00:00 UTC each day.  You must log out to at least the lobby and log back in for voyages to reset. Rerolling a standard voyage replaces it with another randomly selected one (you lose the existing voyage), decreasing your available voyages for the day by one. Unused rerolls are not carried over to the next day; if you are unhappy with your voyage options, you may want to use any remaining rerolls to look for more desirable voyages before reset even if you will not be able to send new voyages until after reset.

Crew Roster[edit | edit source]

The Crew Roster Screen

The crew roster is an interface that contains information about each crew member hired and also allows players to hire new crew members, or dismiss current ones. The screen shows all hired crew members on the left panel. On the right panel there is one slot for captains for hire and three slots for all other crew members for hire. Each slot shows the costs and stats of the potential crew member. Clicking on the arrows in the upper right corner of a slot will "reroll" a new potential crew member into that slot. The previous candidate will be lost when this is done, and the player's available rerolls will be decremented by one. Players have a limited number of rerolls which is shown at the bottom of the screen. Additional rerolls may be purchased using rewards from player-owned port random events. The available crew and rerolls reset at 00:00 UTC each day. To dismiss a captain or crew member, select the intended unit and click the red "Dismiss <name>" button, then confirm or cancel your choice. Dismissal can only take place while the crew member or captain is in port, although the confirmation dialogue to do so will still appear even when the unit is away - in this case, clicking either to confirm or cancel has no effect except to dismiss the dialogue.

After the update on 26 January 2015 the crew roster interface will show the experience of the selected crew member.

Shipyard[edit | edit source]

The shipyard interface.

The Shipyard interface is used to unlock and assign upgrades for the ships in port. The buttons to either side of the ship stats allow you to change between ships in the port.

This interface is also used to assign captains and crew members to ships. The crew assignment interface is accessed by clicking on the plus sign just below the ship stats. Selecting a crew or captain position in the top row will highlight it with a yellow border. Once highlighted, the spot can be filled, or the unit in the spot can be swapped with another crew member, by clicking on a new unit in the display below. In this way, one may easily compare the effects on different units on mission success. Only a captain may be placed in the captain spot, and only crew may be placed in crew positions.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

The Upgrades interface is used to purchase upgrades to port buildings and hot spots by cycling through the available building and hotspot upgrades. The currently applied upgrade and any upgrades available for purchase will be shown for each one. The currently applied upgrade is indicated by a grey border instead of orange and the words "Currently built:" appear in the upper left corner of its box. Building upgrades are unlike ship and hotspot upgrades in that later tiers of upgrades are only unlocked after all previous tiers have been purchased.

Port Management[edit | edit source]

Port Management Screen for Reward Scrolls
Port Management Screen for Region Focus

The Port Management interface allows the player to decide which scroll fragments they will find when undertaking Forgotten Scroll voyages. Note that if one of your ships undertakes a scroll voyage, and you have an already-completed scroll selected in the port interface (due to not choosing a new scroll after completing a previous one), then the voyage can return successfully but not reward any scroll pieces upon completion. Therefore, it is important to always select a new scroll to focus on after completing one. After the update on 26 January 2015 it is no longer possible to change the scroll being focused on while a ship is on a scroll piece voyage.

It also allows the player to influence the destination of any new voyages generated. Although most voyages will have the focus area as their destination, it is possible to receive a voyage to any unlocked area. Choosing your focus allows you to specialise in certain resources. If you are finding a new area particularly difficult, you can continue working in an older area until you feel able to tackle the tougher voyages.

Archipelago Map[edit | edit source]

Archipelago Map

The archipelago map shows the information of currently unlocked island that your voyages can reach. The map features animated clouds that can be turned off if the player finds them distracting. Mousing over the various areas brings up general information about the region on the bottom left and specifics about the islands within those regions in the bottom right portion of the interface. There is also a status thermometer bar shows the player's progress towards unlocking the next available region ("zone").

The Regions and their basic descriptions are listed below, specifics about their individual islands are listed in their main articles:

The West[edit | edit source]

"The vast landmasses and violent history of the western continent have produced many disparate communities, whose main commonality is their lust for adventure and advancement. Now they are aware of the east, and the ships begin to sail..."

The Arc[edit | edit source]
Main article: The Arc

"The only part of the Archipelago where westerners are often seen, and seen in increasing numbers. It is mostly tribal and its khans are mainly fishermen. Forests of wood and bamboo are common."

The Skull[edit | edit source]
Main article: The Skull (Islands)

"Parts of The Skull are heavily fortified in fear of invasion from the west. Khans in this area take advantage of the local gunpowder production to maintain a warlord's status; they tend to mistrust westerners."

The Hook[edit | edit source]
Main article: The Hook

"Less settled than the Skull. Apart from deposits of black slate, which is quarried by a dispersed population of mining colonies, it is otherwise mostly barren and a fine place for those seeking solitude for whatever reason."

The Scythe[edit | edit source]
Main article: The Scythe

"A large island chain covered in cherry trees (cherry wood). The many soothsayers and seasingers of the area often provoke their khans to do war on each other; this and the preponderance of sea monsters make the Scythe dangerous to traverse."

The Bowl[edit | edit source]
Main article: The Bowl

"Rich in jade, a draw to pirates and prospectors alike. The khans of the Bowl are more interested in wealth and luxury than in military or political power, an attitude which draws merchants as thickly as flies."

The Pincers[edit | edit source]
Main article: The Pincers

"These islands are joined by massive bridges and dams, in a failed attempt to engender togetherness and trust. This place is the centre of political power: a hotbed of intrigue and betrayal. Steel (stainless steel) production here bolsters the massive shipping industry."

The Loop[edit | edit source]
Main article: The Loop

"These islands are protected by a great reef that is very dangerous to navigate. Some say the reef changes shape like it is alive, while others have claimed it is due to geological instability in the are. The pearls recovered from the reef are very valuable."

The Shield[edit | edit source]
Main article: The Shield

"Not much is known about these far-off islands. Rare koi (koi scales) have been known to congregate in the surrounding waters, and khans sending mining expeditions to the islands to find rich veins of minerals and jewels before their rivals."

Ship Name Creator[edit | edit source]

The player may customise each ship's name by bringing up an interface by clicking on the pencil icon next to that ship's icon. This can be done whether the ship is in port or at sea - but remember the old sea tale that it's considered bad luck to change a ship's name!

Ship Name Creator Interface

The interface's top toolbar shows the ship number and current name, part by part, along with three buttons. The ship being renamed can be selected by the blue/gold arrow buttons, which will cycle forwards or backwards through all the player's available ships. The green/gold double arrow button to the right side of this toolbar will randomise all three parts of the name simultaneously.

Each name has three parts, the prefix (title), the first main part, and the second main part, Each can be changed individually by selecting the part in the toolbar (the name part currently being edited will be highlighted by a box around it) and then the selecting a desired word or phrase from the list shown by changing the "Filters" popup. Each part may also be randomly chosen, by selecting it and clicking the "Randomise" button to the right of the Filters popup. As soon as a change is made, the green "Save" and red "Revert" buttons light up and become available. Once the player is satisfied with the changes, clicking the Save button at the bottom right will save the changes, or the Revert button will erase all changes and set the ship back to the original name.

For the complete list of possible names, see Player-owned port/Ship names.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 13 July 2020 (Update):
    • The Edit Crew button in Player Owned Ports can no longer be used while the ship is on a voyage.
  • patch 9 July 2013 (Update):
    • Fixed a spelling error on the Port Management interface.
  • patch 28 January 2013 (Update):
    • The Crescent Isle has been added to the Archipelago Map in Player Owned Ports.