Quick guide for Player-owned farm Tutorial

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This is the quick guide for Player-owned farm Tutorial.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Getting started[edit | edit source]

As you progress through the tutorial, yellow dots on the ground will guide you.

  • Start the tutorial by talking with Granny Potterington in front of her house at the centre of the farm.
  • Pick up Jack the yak from behind the farmhouse and talk to Granny.
  • Sell Jack to Prezleek (yak buyer), located beside the well in front of the house (gain 500 beans).
  • Add the beans to the currency pouch.
  • Buy a small animal pen kit (tutorial) from the Farmers' Market (right-click "Farmers' Market" on Granny; costs 100 beans).
  • Buy two rabbits from the market and check each of them in the inventory (cost 10 beans each).
  • Build the small pen (click "build" on the broken paddock (small)) and place the two rabbits inside (click "check animals" or use the common brown rabbit on small paddock).
  • Check the rabbits by clicking on them in the pen and click "cure disease". Then investigate all options and choose "administer treatment". Click flu.
  • Talk to Granny to get fruity mush and return to pen to 'fill trough' and head back to Granny.
  • Pass the time with her until the rabbits have matured; talk until option to advance time or wait 22 minutes.
  • Take the two rabbits out of the pen. (Optionally "gather produce" for 275 Farming experience (137.5 each))
  • Talk to Granny to get more fruity mush.
  • Bring the rabbits to the breeding pen behind the main farmhouse. Click "check animals" on the breeding paddock or use the rabbit on it.
  • Fill trough. Soon a child bunny will appear (or talk to Granny to advance time until this happens).
  • Talk to Granny to complete the tutorial.

The child bred during the tutorial can be sold off to Myfi (rabbit buyer) next to the well. Talking to Granny after the tutorial rewards the player with 100 additional beans and gives information on how the farm works, including buying and selling.

Tutorial complete!