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Every animal at both the player-owned farms (Manor Farm and Anachronia Dinosaur Farm) has one of the following flavour texts. They have no effect on the animal.

All animals are equal, but this animal is more equal than most.
Believes you should eat veggies not friends.
Believes that today is the day. They're not sure for what, but it's definitely today.
Came here to have a good time, but is honestly feeling so attacked right now.
Can wear goblin mail, but only when no one is looking.
Can't actually see colours.
Constantly thinks: 'Hmm, I bet I would look that good in armour.'
Deserves a pat on the head.
Don't let this one near the food stores.
Food, food, food, food... What was it again? Oh, yes, food!
Genuinely thinks it can save them.
Grumbles only mildly in inclement weather.
Has a thing for the colour pink.
Has proclaimed themselves ruler of all. The other animals are merely their minions.
Has soloed Seiryu.
Hates everything. Yes, even you.
Ironmanimal, BTW.
Is a carrot considered a cannibal if you grow it in compost made of carrot tops?
Is a fish. Also, a compulsive liar.
Is plotting their escape.
Is really, really good at holding grudges and also remembers EVERYTHING.
Is scared of spiders.
Is secretly a master of meditation.
It has invented a perpetual motion machine, but will never share their secret with you.
It longs to capture humans and selectively breed them for fun and profit.
Just wants to raise a family.
Knows a penguin.
Knows who did it. Definitely wasn't them.
Likes the smell of cabbages, sunshine and long walks in the pen.
Likes watching passing adventurers.
Often thinks about the inevitable heat death of the universe.
Once found a 4-leaf clover...and ate it.
Quite obviously the cutest of all of the animals.
Really hates the colour pink.
Secretly wishes to eat the animals in the next pen. Just a little bite...
Sometimes, this animal wonders what life would be like if THEY were the farmer.
Spacebars through quests; everyone hates them.
Spends more time than they care to admit chasing their own tail.
Thinking: 'Did that farmer just invite me for dinner?'
Thinks Gielinor is flat.
Thinks they are the smartest one in the pen.
Thinks you're the one inside a paddock.
This animal dreams of electric sheep.
This animal is not wrong.
This specimen is critically acclaimed for its ability to produce dung.
We have a reason to believe this animal is the mastermind behind numerous escape attempts.
When I grow up, I want to be a pie!
Who smells? What do you mean, it's me?
Will never forgive Karen for that time she came to take a selfie, but actually walked on my food.
Wishes the animals in the next pen would be quiet at night.
Wonders how different life would be with opposable thumbs.