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This article is about the empty pot. For the filled pot, see Plant pot. For the pot filled with supercompost, see Plant pot (supercompost).
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Empty plant pots are items used for Farming. They are required for planting tree seeds, which must first be sown into the pot and then watered. When fully grown, the sapling can then be planted in a farming patch.

An empty plant pot may be created with the Crafting skill at Level 19 by using a soft clay on a potter's wheel, which creates an unfired plant pot. When fired in a pottery oven, it becomes an empty plant pot, giving a total of 37.5 experience points.

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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SellerLocationCostCurrencyBase stockMembers?
Papa Mambo's ShopHerblore Habitat1Coins 1.png Coins10P2P icon.png

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Facts about "Plant pot (empty)"
All Is members onlytrue +
All Item ID5,350 +
All Junk chance98.9 +
All Release dateJuly 11, 2005 +
All Value1 +
All Weight0.907 +
Buy limit100 +
Is members onlytrue +
Item ID5,350 +
Item JSON{"edible":"no","m
{"edible":"no","members":"yes","stackable":"no","stacksinbank":"yes","death":"always","name":"Plant pot","bankable":"yes","gemw":{"name":"Plant pot (empty)","limit":100},"equipable":"no","disassembly":"yes","release_date":"11 July 2005","id":5350,"release_update_post":"Farming","lendable":"no","destroy":"Drop","highalch":0,"weight":0.907,"tradeable":"yes","examine":"An empty plant pot.","noteable":"yes"}
34;,"noteable":"yes"} +
Junk chance98.9 +
Kept on deathalways +
Location restrictionsurface +
Release dateJuly 11, 2005 +
Value1 +
Weight0.907 +