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The plank box is an item that initially holds up to 25 planks of each type. It is purchased from the Estate Agents Shop for 50 contract credits. It can be upgraded via the same shop, first to 50 of each plank for 150 credits, then 100 of each plank for 300 credits. Fully upgrading the plank box awards the Absolute Planker achievement, which is a requirement for the completionist cape.

When constructing with the plank box in the inventory, planks stored inside it will automatically be used without them needing to be withdrawn into the inventory.

If the player has both a filled plank box and planks in their inventory, the planks in their inventory will be used first.

The plank box may be used directly on a hops patch to build a frame for grapevines.

Destroying the box with planks inside will keep the planks upon reclaiming it from an estate agent.

Cost to fill[edit | edit source]

The table below lists the cost to fill each version of the plank box with planks.

Plank type Base capacity (25) Upgrade 1 capacity (50) Upgrade 2 capacity (100)
Normal 23,250 46,500 93,000
Oak 13,350 26,700 53,400
Teak 14,550 29,100 58,200
Mahogany 48,975 97,950 195,900
Total 100,125 200,250 400,500

Achievements[edit | edit source]

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