Pillars of Zanash

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The entrance to the Witchaven Dungeon, surrounded by the pillars.

The Pillars of Zanash are a shrine to Saradomin found in the vicinity of East Ardougne and Witchaven. The pillars, known to be made of marble, are mentioned by name only in the Tourist's Guide to Ardougne, found in the real-estate agency within the city, though it incorrectly states they are found west of Ardougne.

According to Brother Maledict, the shrine is over 150 years old, and predates the founding of Witchaven. When the village came into being, the shrine was abandoned and has fallen into disrepair. In addition, Mayor Hobb (while possessed by sea slugs) says that the shrine is "ancient beyond knowledge" and that its history should not be overlooked.

History[edit | edit source]

The shrine was built over 150 years ago, after the Temple Knights managed to trap the ancient sea slug queen Mother Mallum in a magical prison in the dungeon beneath Witchaven. The city was not founded at this time, although when it eventually came to be, the shrine was abandoned and left to ruins.

During year 169 of the Fifth Age, the fishermen on the Fishing Platform started catching an increasingly amount of sea slugs. Slowly, the slugs would attach themselves to the fishermen, taking over their minds. Spreading like a disease, it eventually reached Mayor Hobb who, under the control of the sea slugs, decided to release Mother Mallum from her imprisonment.

Covering up the release as a renovation of the shrine, bringing lots of mining equipment and, much more suspiciously, high amounts of rune essence in. When the player investigates the situation during The Slug Menace quest, they locate the Temple Knight prison, eventually releasing the slug queen.