Pillar (2018 Hallowe'en event)

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Five pillars have been built around the chaotic rift by Death during the 2018 Hallowe'en event to help stabilize the rift. Each of the pillars will randomly be assigned a skill, enabling the player to train Crafting, Divination, Invention, Magic, Prayer, Runecrafting, Smithing, or Summoning by stabilising them. If you do not wish to gain combat experience, you can talk to Death to toggle experience gain off or on for all combat skills.

Stabilising a pillar causes the player to continuously gain the relevant experience in 1.2-second intervals until either the player stops, an event interrupts the stabilising, or the rift becomes stabilised. Experience can be gained from the pillars 500 times before the rift stabilises, with the energy beam leading to the rift visually advancing every 50th experience gain. The experience gained depends on the skill and player's level in that skill. At maximal level in the respective skill, the following base experience is gained per action:

Stabilising at a pillar will increase experience multipliers at the other pillars, encouraging you to move between them for optimal experience gain. There are five multiplier stages, highlighted by different amounts of energy growing in intensity the higher it climbs (the sixth just shows that the fifth level has been fully reached). Once a pillar has reached the maximum amount of energy, the multiplier will build no further.

As the player works on a pillar, they'll slowly progress towards stabilising the rift. Progress can be seen via the energy being directed from the pillars towards the centre and the closer it gets to the rift. Using a charged tainted shard allows the player to choose (right-click Toggle bonus) between doubling the experience gained (using up to 500 charges) or halving the time it takes (using up to 250 charges) to stabilise the rift. Every four hours, the rift's stabilisation resets, and the pillar skills on every world will change. The tainted shard regains 25 charges every 5 minutes while getting experience if it is in the inventory or equipped.

Once players stabilise the rift, the stabilised rift appears and allows player to enter the warped chamber once per day. The player must then disrupt the black hand, giving the player 60 seconds (30 for free players) to open as many urns as they can for various rewards. Although the warped chamber may only be entered once a day, more experience can be gathered from the event after the stabilisation resets every four hours. In addition, players who have not entered the rift every day of the event may enter multiple times in one day, up to the total number of days they've missed.

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