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PigletMedium-sizedFully grown
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The Pigzilla pig is a pig and one of Pigzilla's sons. During Bringing Home the Bacon, players are given a Pigzilla piglet by Martin the Master Gardener, which is then given to Eli by the player, and from then on can be found inside a pen underneath Falador Farm.

After Eli is given 5 loads of wheat to feed the pig, he grows up and his name changes to Son of Pigzilla, now appearing the size of an ordinary pig.

After 5 onions are collected for Eli, when you return the pig will have fully grown, now appearing a similar size to its parent, and its name becoming Pigzilla pig. Eli implies that the pigs rapid increase in size was achieved by feeding it the flesh of the bacon addicts.

Shortly afterwards, Eli gives it to you as a pet.

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