Pig fat bombs

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Betrayal at Falador article This article or section contains information from Betrayal at Falador.
It is generally considered canon, unless contradicted in-game, in which case the game takes precedence.

Pig fat bombs are a projectile weapon seen in novel Betrayal at Falador. Pig fat bombs were designed by Ebenezer, a Misthalanian alchemist and prominent commander in the War of 164.

The bombs saw their first and only known use during the Siege of Falador, in which Ebenzer oversaw their creation and distribution. The Falador City Guard and Falador City Militia both used them to fight off the Thorobshuun and Garagorshuun tribal goblins under Lord Sulla who attempted to breach the city walls.

The bombs were built by mixing hay with pig fat, then launching large amounts via catapult. The scattered hay and fat would cover the enemy and could then be ignited via standard methods or using fire strike or similar magicks, thus burning the goblins alive.